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Pay-Pay’s Go Green Rollng Paper in King-Size Slim Format. This long green paper is unique because it’s made from the alfalfa plant. The paper is extra thin and free from chlorine and additives. This all means that you won’t taste the paper at all when smoking your joint. Go Green paper is made in Spain and is very popular among smokers who like natural smoking materials. Try the green paper now for yourself! Also available in a box with 50 packets.

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Long Green Rolling Paper

Go Green Rolling Paper from Pay-Pay. This unique paper is unbleached and a nice shade of green in colour. The paper is made from the alfalfa plant which is uncommon amongst paper makers. Go Green Rolling Paper is ultra-thin and burns extra slowly on account of its porosity. That is to say there are (invisible to the eye) really tiny openings in the paper. Nonetheless, this paper is super strong and highly suitable for rolling great joints. The king-size format ensures that you don’t use too much paper. In short: top-quality, long green paper

Buy a Box of Long Rolling Paper

As you would expect from us, you can order this long green paper from Pay-Pay not only by the packet but also by the box. We give you the option to stock up on rolling paper in an economic way because the more paper you buy the cheaper it becomes. Don’t hesitate any longer and just order a whole box. That will save you a whole lot of bother.

Specifications for Go Green

  • Long green rolling paper from the Pay-Pay brand
  • King-size slim - 108 x 44 mm
  • Made from Alfalfa
  • Burns slowly
  • Unbleached, free from chlorine and additives
  • Packet of 32 papers
  • Extra value box of 50 packets
SKU G-1712-1713
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Brand Pay-Pay
Size King-Size Slim
Unbleached Yes
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Pay-Pay Go Green Rolling Paper | King-Size Slim

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