Futurola Smoking Papers and Filter Tips | King-Size Slim

Futurola Smoking Papers and Filter Tips | King-Size Slim

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This combination package consists of a package Futurola King-Size rolling paper and a packet of standard tips of the same brand. Everything in just one package. Futurola King-Size Slim rolling paper and a packet of the brand’s standard tips. Easier on the wallet and ideal to take with you. Also available as a value pack per box of 26 packages. That’s benefit on benefit! Judge yourself.

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Paper and Tip

Futurola’s combination of King-Size Slim rolling paper and standard tips. This black combipack contains an orange packet of King-Size Slim rice paper (44 x 108 mm) from the Amsterdam manufacturer. These are narrow papers, ideal if you don’t want to use a lot of rolling paper when rolling your joint. Besides the rolling paper, the other element you need to roll a joint is in the packet: a tip booklet (58 x 19 mm). Super handy Futurola rolling paper and tip in one package. Never again without rolling paper or tips.

Discount on discount

As you might have expected, this combination package is cheaper than when you buy them separately. But, there is even more discount for the taking. Here you can choose for a loose packet, but also for a whole box! That is even more discount. Ideal for when you have to leave the house regularly to buy rolling materials. With the box tips and rolling paper from Futurola, that will no longer be necessary.


  • Futurola rolling paper and tip in one package
  • Classic King-Size Slim rice paper
  • Paper format: 44 x 108 mm
  • Standard Futurola tip booklet
  • Measurements of tips: 58 x 19 mm
  • Cheaper then loose packs of rolling paper and tips
  • 32 rolling papers and 32 tips per packet
  • 26 packets per box
  • 832 rolling papers and tips per box

About Futurola

Futurola is a Dutch smoking brand which originated in the coffee-shop culture in Amsterdam. This family business, founded by brother and sister Brandenburg, develops all the possible accessories any coffee shop needs. As well as its characteristic long rolling paper, Futurola makes joint rollers, grinders, filter tips, cones and whole lot more. All products are designed, developed and produced in-house. This enables one of the Netherlands’ biggest smoking brands to provide high-quality products at low prices with no intermediaries involved.

SKU G-0913-0914
Brand Futurola
Size King-Size Slim
Unbleached No
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Futurola Smoking Papers and Filter Tips | King-Size Slim

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