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Natural CO2 for your cannabis plants, courtesy of fungi in a bag. That’s ExHale CO2 bags in a nutshell. The phrasing here is unfortunate because it's a subtle discovery. Fungi breathe like we do, consuming oxygen and emitting CO2. By hanging the ExHale CO2 bag in your grow space, you create a symbiosis where the fungi in the bag and your cannabis plants exchange what they each release and absorb. The result? Enhanced yield! Bring nature inside and give your plants what they crave.

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As mentioned briefly above, while plants take in CO2 through their leaves to grow and bloom, animals and fungi do the opposite. Like us, the fungi in the ExHale CO2 bag consume oxygen and directly convert it to CO2. This is astonishing for two reasons. With extra CO2, plants have more 'breath' to grow. And you can lower your grow light up to 10 centimeters closer without scorching your plant tops. More light and more CO2 equals more yield!

  • Extra yield
  • Sealed bag with a breathable patch
  • Long-term use (1 bag for the entirety of the grow cycle)
  • Natural solution for surplus CO2
  • No electricity, no heat, no maintenance required

The amount of CO2 ExHale is reported to emit is about 0.014 m³ per minute at CO2 concentrations of 2500-3000 ppm. A bag can provide around 3681 m³ of CO2 at this concentration over a six-month period.

CO2 Bags for Grow Spaces

The ExHale CO2 bag brings a critical element of nature into your indoor garden: carbon dioxide. Indoor cultivation is complex. To do it right, you need to consider all of your plants' needs, preferably in an affordable way. The ExHale bag is a patented form of mycelium that, without forming fruiting bodies (mushrooms), produces a large amount of CO2. This means that once you activate the bag, the mycelium begins to grow by "eating" the provided substrate, thereby releasing a steady stream of CO2 right into your grow space. And the beauty of it: this continues for the entire life of the bag, which is 6 months – guaranteed!

ExHale is suitable for grow spaces of 3 to 5 plants. It is preferably not to be used in a space with fewer plants.

How to Use the ExHale CO2 Bag?

Place the bag in a logical location:

  • If you are using an air extraction system, place ExHale at the bottom of your grow space.
  • Without an air extraction system: since CO2 is heavier than air, hang ExHale above your grow space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to turn on ExHale?
Move the hanger/clip to the top above the breathable membrane (the white porous patch). Hang it up and that’s it.

Is it comparable to a mushroom grow kit?
It might look similar, but it's even simpler!

Does ExHale need water?
No watering is necessary. The fungus draws the moisture it needs through the membrane.

Will I get mold in my grow space with ExHale?

The fungus in the bag stays put and won’t reach your plants.

Does ExHale actually work?

Just hang a CO2 measuring device next to it. You'll see the CO2 level actually increases!

How much CO2 do plants need? Can there be too much CO2?
Plants thrive in areas where ample CO2 is present. In nature, animals and fungi handle this interaction, but in your grow space, you don't have a complete ecosystem. However, too much CO2 isn’t good for your plants. If the CO2 concentration gets too high, your plants will struggle with transpiration during photosynthesis. Less transpiration means fewer nutrients are taken up by the plant, leading to less growth. At high levels of CO2, black spots can even appear on the leaves (necrosis).

These dead spots are a paradise for bacteria and fungi that feed on dead tissue and can thus damage your plants. This can lead to lower yields and in the worst case, total crop loss. It turns out that CO2 levels of about 1200-1500 ppm are ideal for optimum growth. If you exceed this, it's a waste of CO2 and can even cause problems.

These bags provide just enough compared to complex and costly CO2 systems. Why complicate things when you can keep it simple?

About ExHale

ExHale, born from a life dedicated to plant cultivation, harnesses the power of a specially bred and patented mycelium to produce CO2 in a natural and efficient way for plant growth. This innovative approach, born from years of expertise and a deep respect for agriculture, offers a safe, simple, and cost-effective solution for CO2 enrichment in grow spaces.

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