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Plagron Lemon Kick is an organic and safe acidifier for your plants' nutrition water. Thanks to the powerful citric acid, you can lower the pH value of your nutrition water step by step. A good pH level is crucial for optimizing the absorption capacity of plants. Lemon Kick has no harmful effect on soil life, NPK or EC levels and is suitable for organic weed growing.

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Plagron Lemon Kick lowers the pH in a natural way

Lemon Kick is the best way to organically acidify your nutrition water. This way you can bring the soil and water to the ideal pH of 5.5 to 6.5. A pH that is too high is bad for the transfer of nutrients. Especially when your tap water or rain water is too "hard", it is beneficial to lower the pH with Plagron Lemon Kick.

At the right pH, the various nutrition elements are properly absorbed with the right balance. The result is healthy plants with high resistance. A nutrient solution with the correct pH-value also has a stimulating effect on metabolism, as a result of which the plant grows faster. The result is a healthy plant with a higher yield and less problems. That is why you should buy Lemon Kick.

Quantity and use Lemon Kick

The quantity depends on the pH-value of your tap water. After adding Lemon Kick to the nutrient solution, you measure the pH-value. If the pH-value is too high, you lower this gradually with Lemon Kick. Use the product during the entire growing process, every time you nourish the plant. Make sure that the pH meter you use has recently been calibrated.

Pay attention: This product has a strong effect and should therefore be gradually added to the feed water. We advise ≤ 0.5 ml Lemon Kick for 1 l of water each time.

Lemon Kick is suitable for organic growing. Products based on nitric acid and phosphoric acid adversely affect the NPK and kill soil life. Lemon Kick, thanks to the citric acid used, does not affect the soil life and the NPK does not fluctuate, if added gradually. You add Lemon Kick after you have made the nutrition water. Measure the pH value of the nutrition water and add pH-min as required and step by step until the correct pH is reached.

Buy Lemon Kick

If you are going to grow organic weed, buying Lemon Kick is almost necessary. For the best results, simply aim for the ideal pH level. Without a good pH value, your plant cannot properly absorb the nutrients and your cultivation is doomed to failure. Buying Plagron Lemon Kick is not an option. It is necessary for successful breeding.

Advice pH value in the nutrition solution:

  • Growing in soil: 6.0 - 6.5
  • Growing in coconut fibre: 5.5 - 6.0
  • Hydro growing: 5.5 - 6.0


Water, citric acid

Shelf life

Keep frost-free. Unopened products have a shelf life of 4 years. Check the shelf life based on the batch number on the packaging. Have you opened a product? Then it has a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months.


500 ml or 1 liter bottle Plagron Lemon Kick


Plagron has been producing a wide assortment of high-quality substrates, base fertilizers and additives for many years. The company is one of the market leaders for more than 25 years. Plagron products are intended for many kinds of breeders and guarantee excellent breeding performances.

SKU G-2783
Brand Plagron
Content 1 liter / 500 ml
Substrate / Medium Coconut Fibre, Hydro / Aero, Soil
Suitable for organic grow? Yes
Composition Liquid
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