pH Buffer 4.01 Calibration Fluid (Milwaukee) 100 ml

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Buffer or Calibration solution to calibrate your pH meter. These bags contain an acidic solution with a very precise pH of 4.01. Calibrating your pH meter regularly is not difficult, but increases the accuracy of your measurements. Simply tear open a sachet and place it in a drinking glass or something similar so that it stays upright. Place the clean pH meter in it and follow the instructions of the pH meter you have to calibrate or adjust the device. You will receive five sachets of 100 ml in total. This will allow you to calibrate five times.

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With this calibrating solution from Milwaukee, you can accurately calibrate your pH measuring equipment to pH 4.01. Tear open a bag and place it in a measuring cup or drinking glass. Before calibrating, clean your pH meter with the cleaning solution in the recommended products.

pH meter and Temperature

pH meters are sensitive to temperature. The packaging contains a temperature indication and the corresponding pH value. Therefore, measure the temperature of the buffer solution before calibrating or take the temperature of the living room if the calibration solution has been lying in the kitchen cupboard for a while.

How to calibrate the pH meter

One sachet of calibration solution is enough for one calibration. For calibration instructions, please refer to the manual of your pH meter. The video below is intended to help you with our Milwaukee PH600 pH meter. Also use the calibrating solution with pH 7.01 to make your pH meter as accurate as ever. Make your pH meter as accurate as a lab meter.

You receive 5 bags of calibration solution with your order for 5 calibrations.

Note: Dispose of the solutions in the chemical waste (KCA box).

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pH Buffer 4.01 Calibration Fluid (Milwaukee) 100 ml

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