Stone Chillum Weed Leaf Black 17 cm

Stone Chillum Weed Leaf Black 17 cm

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Another name for a chillum is a hash pipe or pure pipe. Chillums were mainly used in India by Sacred Sadhu men. Made of beautiful black ceramic stone. It is 17 cm long and has a weed leave. It provides a great amount of smoking pleasure and you will have an intense experience. You can smoke through the smoke duct. It is advisable to clean the chillum or hash pipe with pipe cleaners. Simply light it with a lighter. This chillum should not be absent in your assortment.Feel sacred by smoking in this traditional way.

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Stone Chillum

A chillum is also known as a hashish pipe or pure pipe and originates from India. Sacred Indian Sadhu man smoke hallowed marihuana or hashish together as part of the religious ceremony.

This chillum is made out of beautiful black ceramic stone, measures 17 cm and is tastefully decorated with a nice marihuana leaf. A chillum made out of stone brings strong smoking pleasure with an intense experience. A chillum is lit the easiest by using a torch lighter. A normal lighter will work fine too.

Chillum filtering

With a Chillum you smoke directly through the smoke channel. The size of the chillum determines the smoke effect because it cools the smoke better. The chillum is delivered including a replaceable stone filter. The mouthpiece of the chillum you can tap with a pipe screen or gauze during smoking. Before or after use you can clean the chillum or hashish pipe with the pipe ragers or cleaners. A chillum is easily lit with a storm lighter.


  • Ceramic stone Chillum
  • Black
  • 17 cm long
  • Decorated with cannabis leaf
  • Chills vapor well
  • Provided with a chillum stone / stone filter

How do you smoke a chillum?

You can smoke a chillum by first putting the provided chillum stone into the chillum. You can however opt for putting a screen under the chillum stone, to be sure that no residue rises during smoking. You will notice a small space remains to insert cannabis or hash. Put the smoking products into the chillum, light it and inhale from the bottom of the chillum.

The traditional way of chillum smoking like they did in India is just slightly different. Sacred Indian Sadhu men used a rag to cover the bottom as a sort of filter. This rag was lightly woven which made it so all smoke and active substances culd still be inhaled.

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Stone Chillum Weed Leaf Black 17 cm

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