Wooden Weed Pipe Ebony 23,5 cm

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Looking for a weed pipe with a long stem? Then go for the Ebony weed pipe. Made of wood and 23,5 cm long, from mouth piece to head. The weed pipe has a long smoke duct for cooling the smoke and to mix it with oxygen, for a more intense effect. You can disassemble the stem for better cleaning. Experience the smoke experience with an extra dimension! Thanks to the wood the taste may differ from what you are used to.

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Ebony Weed Pipe

This attractive weed pipe has a long stem. The head of the pipe or bowl of the weed pipe is made of a nice, black tropical type of timber. The length of the mouthpiece till the head is 23,5 cm. This way, the extra long smoke channel can cool the air and mix it with oxygen for a more intense effect. The stem of the weed pipe can be screwed off which makes it more easy to clean. This attractive weed pipe gives an extra dimension to your smoke experience!

Traditional Wooden Pipes

Marihuana pipes, pure pipes or hashish pipes are made from stone, glass, metal or wood. Wood is the oldest material known of which a pipe was made. A wooden weed pipe can develop its own taste. Smoking marihuana or hash in a pipe is easy, you don’t need to roll a joint and it’s not necessary to mix with tobacco which makes it practical for smoking pure marihuana.

Specifications Wooden Weed Pipe Ebony:

  • Wooden Smoking Pipe
  • 23,5 cm long
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of a tropical type of wood
  • Traditional way to smoke weed 

Smoking the Pipe

The effect of a weed or hashish pipe is intense because the smoke is cooled off in the smoke channel or stem. In the bowl (head) of a wooden weed pipe you use pipe screens or gauzes to prevent that the smoke is mixed with impurities. Before or after use you clean the weed pipe. Dutch-Headshop has several pipe cleaners, pipe ragers and several brushes in its product range for this purpose.

Screens and filters

A screen must be placed in the bowl of the marijuana pipe to prevent ash and herb crumbs from moving further down the weed pipe and into your mouth. No screens are supplied with this pipe. Screens should be ordered separately. Screens with the diameter mentioned below are the best fit.

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Brand Merkloos
Material Wood
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Wooden Weed Pipe Ebony 23,5 cm

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