Weed Pipe Tune In - Pear Wood (actiTube) 11.5 cm

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Weed Pipe Tune In - Pear Wood (actiTube) 11.5 cm
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Go for this pear wooden ActiTube marijuana pipe with carbon filter. The active carbon filter in the pipe ensures you smoke cleaner. Furthermore, the vapor will have a better taste! Easy to clean and easy to disassemble. You get 1 active carbon filter, which is already in the pipe. You want to keep enjoying cleaner and tastefull smoke? Please also buy some separate ActiTube filters of 7,9 x 35 mm (recommanded products). Supplied with installed screens. Go for less harmful fumes, thanks to the pear wooden ActiTube marijuana pipe with carbon filter. Tastier than you are used to. Absolutely worth trying!


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This stylish pear wood ActiTube marijuana pipe with carbon filter is the latest of its kind. Through the active carbon filter in the pipe you smoke cleaner and you inhale a marijuana smoke with better taste!

  • Unique active carbon filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Not painted nor pickled
  • With installed active carbon filter* and screen
* One activated carbon filter included. Do you want to enjoy clean and tasty smoke all the time? Then please also order a range of ActiTube 7.9 x 35 mm carbon filters (see Recommended products).

ActiTube marijuana pipe with carbon filter

You inhale less toxic smoke because this is blocked in the active carbon filter within the pipe. The high you'll get of smoking marijuana is, however, not less.

Tasteful thanks to testing

This is tested extensively by developers, because this is one of their focal points in the research to a clean way of smoking marijuana.

ActiTube is easy to use

The ActiTube marijuana pipe is easy in use and maintenance. The filter is easy to change by unscrewing the pipe open and by placing a new filter. With each order you get one active carbon filters. One active carbon filter will last 10 to 20 puffs. You will need some extra filters. Please check out the recommanded products and also buy a range of 7.9 x 35 mm if you want clean and tastefull smoke.

Cleaning is easy

You can clean the pipe with a pipe cleaner and pipe brushes. The outside of the pipe does not need any attention. Because the outside is untreated you only want to keep it as dry as possible.


The company is only recently officially established, though the owner has been active for a longer time with the production of pipes. He developed the pipe after a tip of his doctor and friend to use a carbon filter so the impact on the lungs is reduced though the taste and amount of THC that you inhale are still the same. The product is made in a German way with as much local suppliers as possible. So we don't need to mention again that this is a premium product.

Content package

The package contains a pear wooden marijuana pipe and includes 1 active carbon filter.

The color of the wood can be different than is shown on the photo. There can also be color differences on different places of the pipe. The tune-pipe is made of pear wood and a real natural product, so color differences can occur.

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