Budbomb XL Weed Pipe

Budbomb XL Weed Pipe

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The Budbomb Extra Large can be compared with the original Budbomb, but is extra large! It is 15 cm tall and has a 2.5 cm diameter. In addition, the bowl is 2 cm deep and the internal spiral is 5.2 cm long. The Budbomb is made of premium quality materials and features a unique design with maximum cooling. The pipe is lockable and easy to disassemble. The entire product is easy to clean!

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The Budbomb extra-large has the same design as the original Budbomb. It works and functions in the same way, only this version of the Budbomb is extra-large!

A Weed Pipe of the Highest Quality

If you are considering purchasing a weed pipe, you do not have to look any further. With a Budbomb XL you get quality. The Budbomb XL is of British make and a whopping 15 centimeters long. With a profile of 2,5 centimeters and a bowl with a depth of 2 centimeters, you are ensured of strong gulps of your favorite weed. A full load of THC-rich weed in the Budbomb XL and you will surely be stoned out of your mind. Even so, the Budbomb XL is perfectly suitable for medicinal use. The internal spiral is 5,2 centimeters long, which ensured a nicely cooled smoke. This is better for your mouth, throat and lungs.


The body of the Budbomb XL is made of aluminium in order to reduce the pipe’s weight. The aluminium is anodized in different colours and the internal coil is made of brass in order to conduct heat effectively.

Like the ordinary Budbomb, the Budbomb XL is an extremely high quality product.

The Budbomb XL has the following advantages:

  • Unique design for maximal cooling
  • High-quality material
  • The pipe is seal able
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Easy to clean

Unique Design

The Budbomb XL has a unique design where the smoke is cooled by a specially designed helix on the inside of the pipe. When you smoke, inhaling slowly through the Budbomb, the smoke goes smoothly through the helix. The twisted inside cools the smoke, making it softer to inhale.

The Budbomb XL is made up of four parts which can be easily disassembled: Mouthpiece, Helix, Body and Cup. The disassembly is useful for cleaning. It can be cleaned with warm water or a detergent like a bong cleaner.

Extra tip: For extra cool smoke, place the Budbomb XL in the freezer before use.

This is the original Budbomb XL made in England.
The Budbomb XL is available in three colours: Silver, Black and Gold.

SKU G-1048
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Brand Budbomb
Dimensions 15 cm
Material Aluminum
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Budbomb XL Weed Pipe

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