Budbomb Pipe Weed

Budbomb Pipe Weed

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Looking for a high quality weed pipe? Do not look any further: the Budbomb is the solution. It is a pipe made of aluminium and brass. The smoke is cooled inside and you can also close the pipe. The product is easy to disassemble and therefore easy to clean. The Budbomb consists of four parts, the mouthpiece, Helix, body and head. Experience the comfort of the Budbomb yourself and choose it.

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The Budbomb is a beautiful, high quality weed pipe. The pipe is made ​​of aluminium and the brass inside is designed to cool the smoke.

The Budbomb has the following advantages:

  • Unique design for maximum cooling
  • High quality material
  • Lockable
  • Easy to dismantle
  • Easy to clean

A Weed Pipe of the Highest Quality

British top quality! Do you want to purchase a weed pipe? Budbomb is an excellent choice. The aluminium Budbomb ensures that your smoke is nicely cooled and it fits a good amount of weed and herbs. The Budbomb is about 10 centimeters long and has a twisted brass smoke channel, which ensures a cooler vapor than with comparable weed pipes. That is why Budbomb is perfectly suitable for medicinal use.

Unique Design

The Budbomb has a unique design where the smoke is cooled by a specially designed helix on the inside of the pipe. When you smoke, inhaling slowly through the Budbomb, the smoke goes smoothly through the helix. The twisted inside cools the smoke, making it softer to inhale.

The Budbomb is made up of four parts which can be easily disassembled: Mouthpiece, Helix, Body and Cup. The disassembly is useful for cleaning. It can be cleaned with warm water or a detergent like a bong cleaner.

Extra tip: For extra cool smoke, place the Budbomb in the freezer before use.

This is the original Budbomb made in England.

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Availability In Stock
Brand Budbomb
Dimensions 10 cm
Material Aluminum
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Budbomb Pipe Weed

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