easy growing cannabis indoor

As long as you keep in mind the basic needs of the weed plant, growing weed indoors is pretty easy. But some strains are even better suited to indoor weed growing than others. These are the strains that belong in our top for indoor weed growing. 

best marijuana strains indoor growing

1 Purple Haze

We put this beautiful purple sativa as number one because we have the experience that this plant does just fine almost anywhere. In the garden, greenhouse and even in a grow room no taller than one meter. Within 14 weeks, 70 grams of dried Purple Haze weed came out of our MiniGrow. In addition, our tests show that Purple Haze is also rich in THC. A percentage of 27% is possible. And with the MiniGrow you don't have to worry about light schedules, timers or color of light. Just putting Purple Haze in the MiniGrow is a recipe for success.

Purple Haze

2 Auto LSD

This strain owes its edgy name to the almost psychedelic high it can produce. With that, this indica-dominant autoflower proves that not only sativas get you high. Plus, she is very easy to grow indoors. Provide enough water, nutrition and light and you can harvest up to 100 grams of dried weed per plant. From seed to harvest in only 12 weeks. That's a lot of weed for an indoor grow and fast too. Auto LSD is highly resistant to disease and mold.

Auto LSD

3 Auto Gorilla Cookies

Our best seller! And for good reason, because no matter where you put Auto Gorilla Cookies, she's going to reward you with mountains of strong and sweet weed. A monstrous 27% THC should be achievable under ideal growing conditions, but here's the secret: you don't have to create ideal growing conditions for this weed plant at all. Just try a little. The blogs on our websites will get you a long way.

Auto Gorilla Cookies 

4 Auto Skywalker

With the potential to become the next best seller, be sure to include Auto Skywalker for comparison. Born as the Star Wars Skywalker saga was coming to an end, this raging sativa is one of the most powerful, cerebral highs you can get from a gram of weed. She owes that to a THC percentage of 26.84%. From seed to harvest in 12 weeks and sticky buds as thick as a bottle of Coke.

auto skywalker

5 Auto Blueberry

We switch back for a moment to a more mellow THC percentage of around 12% with Auto Blueberry. It is one of the strains that is loved by medicinal users. Not just because the high is so nice, but mainly because it is an ideal strain of weed for daytime use as well. This fruity weed has a motivating and energy-boosting effect, while your body feels nice and numb. If you have the space, the yield for such an easy-to-grow strain of weed is huge: 800 grams per square meter is possible. 

Auto Blueberry

6 Granddaddy Purple

Moving away from autoflowers for a moment. Granddaddy Purps, as she is jokingly called, is a deliciously sweet weed plant that turns purple when the nights get a little colder in your grow room during flowering. Relaxed, happy and euphoric, with a good dose of medicinal qualities in an easy-to-grow package.

Granddaddy Purps

7 Auto Bruce Banner

We finish the list with an autoflower that breaks records. On paper, this green monster promises 25% THC, and at 150 centimeters tall, many experienced growers will think this can't possibly be an autoflower. "They always stay small, don't they?" Nope! 100 grams of dried weed from one Auto Bruce Banner plant should be possible. Maybe even more. But beware. Weed from this tree hits like a bomb. If necessary, use a ScrOG net to control the height and let her grow more in width. You can read more about that later.

auto bruce banner

As you can see, she does well outside, but even better indoors!

Basic needs of the weed plant when growing indoors

These are no different from natural outdoor growing. A weed plant needs at least the following things to stay healthy, grow big and give you a big fat yield:

  • Water and drainage
  • Nutrition
  • The right climate (temperature, humidity, fresh air and soil acidity)
  • Light (and darkness!)

Water and Drainage

Stick your fingertip into the soil of your mature weed plant and slowly pull it out. Does the soil stick to your finger and feel damp? Don't water. If not, water it. It can be that simple.

That doesn't mean your weed plants should always have wet feet. Quite the contrary, in fact. To prevent pesky fungi from taking over, the excess water must be allowed to drain away. Drainage is the name of the game. This starts with choosing a good pot. A textile weed plant pot like this has the advantage that excess water can simply drain away. For example, let that flow into a container with clay pellets.

Plant nutrition

You can't live on dry bread. And at some point you will run out of potting soil nutrition. Weed plants are hungry ladies. Feed them according to the growing schedule you can often find on the manufacturer's website. And give at least basic grow nutrition during the growth phase and flowering nutrition during, you guessed it; the flowering phase. There really is a difference between growth and flowering nutrition for a reason.

The Right Climate

In an indoor grow room it gets too hot rather than too cold due to residual heat from the grow light. That's why you need good ventilation. This simultaneously provides a supply of fresh air, essential carbon dioxide and movement that makes the weed plant stronger. You also don't give mold a chance if the supply of fresh air is well regulated. On the exhaust side of the grow room you will have to install a carbon filter if you don't want the penetrating smell of weed in your whole house (or the neighbors!). There are genius solutions for that, by the way.

Take a look at our beginner’s blog on indoor weed growing. It explains in detail the points you need to be aware of.

Light and Darkness

Perhaps the toughest challenge when growing weed indoors weed is the right light. Every beginner worries about the investment and potential risks of lighting. Basically, it's pretty simple. You have to mimic the sun in the place where that type of weed thrives. In other words, weed plants do well in very powerful light. So not behind double glass on the windowsill, but under a 600 watt gas discharge lamp or a similar LED fixture. Which of the two you choose depends on your future plans. Is it for one or two years? Then the relatively low investment of a HID fixture with two types of lamps and a control gear is cheaper. You need these two types of lamps to make your plant grow optimally (a so-called metal halide growth lamp with a blue glow) and bloom (an HPS lamp that mimics autumn with a warm light). 

growing cannabis indoor LED

When growing weed with LED, the investment is higher, but the energy price is lower. This is because LED is not only more energy efficient, but also because it emits only the "color" that a weed plant uses. As a result, LED also has less heat generation. Tip: Don't be tempted by the low prices on Chinese websites. There is a lot of variation in the quality of the LEDs (diodes) used. Some are broken in no time and others emit light that is of no use to a weed plant. Cheap is often expensive.

Also remember that a weed plant in nature gets total darkness at night. That's how the fibers in the plant get stronger, allowing the plant to grow bigger without snapping. So a timer is handy. Keep in mind that non-autoflowers, so-called photoperiodic weed plants, need at least 12 hours of total darkness to transition into the flowering phase. We deliberately say "total" darkness because even a small amount of light leakage can interfere with this process. 

The Benefits of Indoor Autoflower Weed Growing

You don't have to take that into account when you choose autoflower cannabis seeds. These ladies gradually transition into the flowering phase when it is their convenience. However, we do recommend changing the color of the light once autoflowers start flowering. So put an HPS light in, or set the LED lights to bloom mode. Also, autoflowers often finish flowering in a shorter time, so the run time is shorter. This way you can grow weed all year round.

Don't forget about Fast Flower Cannabis Seeds

Fast flower cannabis seeds are a relative novelty on the market. They flower for only 6 or 7 weeks, where an average sativa needs 12 weeks to finish flowering. For that reason, you see a lot of fast flower indicas. But the first fast flower sativas have already been developed. Unlike autoflowers, fast flowers are not self-flowering.

Increase Yield and Control Height with ScrOG

If you really want to get started like a budding professional, you can make a ScrOG rack with little gear and a little knowledge. You then braid the buds under a grid, so to speak. This allows your plant to grow more in width than in height and allows a weed plant to use the entire surface area of your entire grow space. This way light is used more efficiently, your weed plant stays lower so it doesn't grow and burn against the lamp, and the yield of your weed plant can increase significantly. There are more of these types of growing techniques, but ScrOG is the easiest one to apply in indoor weed growing.