Choosing cannabis seeds is not easy, because the choice is ample and still grows. Most important is to buy quality seeds, a good start is half the work. The assortment of marijuana seeds from Dutch Headshop is made up of seeds of the highest quality. To be entirely sure we only source seeds from the best (proven) seed producers. We even have seeds that we promote under our own "Private Label". These seeds are of high quality and still affordable.

Feminized marijuana seeds
Dutch Headshop has a broad selection of feminized, medicinal and autoflowering seeds with origins in the best genetics. Whether you choose for a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, avoid disappointment and choose for quality, because growing cannabis takes time and energy. Starting with high quality seeds is a relatively low investment that will pay itself off with a good, full harvest.

Facts about marijuana seeds
Visually there is no difference between regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds. A cannabis seed looks the same as an industrial hemp seed. Size and color can vary per strain. Many people mistakenly think that colored seeds are not mature and have less germination power. Extensive tests have shown that light-colored seeds germinate quicker on average, this is because the shell of the darker seeds is tougher in general.

Sativa seeds are smaller
Often, Sativa seeds are smaller than Indica seeds, though this is not a general rule. 
The oldest cannabis seeds ever found are 2,700 years old and were found in a grave in China. A cannabis plant can produce hundreds or even thousands of cannabis seeds.

Storage advice for cannabis seed
You'd best store cannabis seed in a closed box in the door or in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. 
Stored cool and dry, fresh cannabis seeds can preserve their germinating power 1 to 2 years. We have the seeds from our suppliers tested on germinating power, but especially on genetic properties.

Quickly germinating marijuana seeds
The speed of germination can vary per marijuana seed, even from the same strain. Some seeds germinate within a couple of days, some seeds need a week. This does not say anything about the quality of the full-grown cannabis plant. Nature gives germination retardant substances to a certain share of the seeds of each cannabis plant. This way, it wants to prevent that freshly fallen seeds will directly germinate in the autumn sun. These young plants would not survive the upcoming winter. The seeds with germination retardant substances will be still lying there till spring. There they wait to germinate till the weather conditions are ideal for a cannabis plant.
Male or female
Do you want to grow a couple of marijuana plants for your own use, then it is important these plants are females. Because all female plants provide buds. In these buds cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and CBN are present. The sex of the cannabis plant is determined by the X and the Y chromosome. A plant with two X chromosomes becomes a female, a male plant has both the X and the Y chromosome. By treating a female plant with a plant hormone (gibberellic acid), the female plant is forced to produce male flowers. Such a plant, with both sexual characteristics, is called a hermaphrodite. She can fertilize herself and in this way produces female seeds with two X chromosomes. Feminized seeds have a 99 % chance to become female plants. Regular seeds will grow to both male and female plants.

WARNING! If you do not take out the males in time, you will harvest seeds.... instead of buds.

Autoflower marijuana seeds
The last decade the popularity of the autoflower has grown steadily. These are almost exclusively female strains that, depending on the amount of hours of sunlight, flower automatically.

Medicinal seeds
Medicinal seeds are cannabis seeds that have been selected on their medicinal properties and can provide relief for a large number of ailments and discomforts.

Advantages of seed plants
Choosing for a cannabis plant that has grown from a seed has many advantages. Cannabis seed is legal to buy. Cuttings for example are not legal. The genetic quality of the renowned seeds is very good. With cuttings you don't know what you buy, sometimes it comes with pests such as spider mites, thrips and aphids on. Cannabis plants from seeds are tougher! 

Marijuana seeds are available throughout the year
You can buy seeds discretely and legally, you don't need to approach any unwanted contacts from the illegal circuit. Finally, and not unimportant...... If you grow a couple of plants for your own use: seed plants often have bigger yields than plants from cuttings.

Outdoor or indoor
In principal, every type of cannabis can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Some strains, however, are more suitable for indoor growing while other strains perform better outdoors. When you cultivate outdoors, nature does most of the work. You don't need any special growing equipment as with indoor growing. Plants outside grow bigger with a good summer than those inside. There is nothing like the light and warmth of our free sunshine.

Wet summer gives stress
Disadvantage of growing outside is that with a wet summer, the cultivation conditions are difficult to control. Furthermore, growing outside limits your choice, because of the place where you want to cultivate. In Northern Europe for example, not every strain grows, though in Southern Europe almost all strains prosper.

Starting with outdoor cultivation
Start only with germinating the marijuana seeds when it won't freeze anymore during the night. Farmers (the true connoisseurs) stick to the Ice Saints for their sensitive crops, the period between 11 and 14 May. Make sure the plants get as much sunlight as possible. Place small, young germinating plants in a shady place so they can gradually get used to the power of the full sun. Ensure that a wind can blow trough the plant, this way you prevent fungi and you'll get tougher plants.

Rainwater for your marijuana cultivation
Rainwater often has a lower pH value than water from the tap, a thing that marijuana plants like. You can grow a marijuana plant in a large pot or tub, the bigger the pot, the bigger the plant can grow. For a good drainage make sure that there are enough large holes in the bottom of the pot. A marijuana plant doesn't like to have wet roots. She can even drown because of a lack of oxygen. Preferably choose a strain with a short flowering time. Take into account the climate in which you grow her.

Growing indoors
Growing marijuana indoors is more difficult than outdoors, because you need to create the optimal cultivation conditions for the marijuana plant yourself. A flowering cannabis plant can smell strongly, (whoops) so take this into consideration.

Light brings stress
In the planned dark hours for the plant, it needs to be completely dark. Every form of light that enters the growing room means stress for the plant. Marijuana plants do not support stress and this will have (negative) consequences for your yield.

Temperature and light 
Apart from a good climate control, you also need to supply sufficient fresh air.  If you want to grow indoors, choose a strain that stays rather small. It is recommended to become proficient in the indoor growing methods so you can temper the growth if that's necessary.

Starters choose autoflowers
For starting growers autoflowers are ideal both for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The height is often limited, they smell less and you can give them the same light regime (dark & light ratio) during the whole growing cycle.

Indica, Sativa or a hybrid.
Indica strains especially give a stoned effect, Sativa strains are known about their energetic and high effect. A regular Indica or Sativa cannabis strain only starts to flower when the amount of light hours declines till about 12 hours per day, approximately end of August. Indicas are known about their short flowering period and Sativa & Haze strains have a long flowering period. This means that in nature, a regular Indica strain needs on average 8 flowering weeks and is ready for harvest end of September, start of October. A Sativa Haze generally needs a flowering period of 12 to 14 weeks, and can only be harvested end of October, start of November. Harvesting late increases the chance on fungi and rotting of the buds. Many cannabis strains are a hybrid of Indica and Sativa in which the best characteristics of both types are preserved.

Automatically flowering plants
Autoflowers are excellent to grow outside. Through the automatic flowering factor, coming from the Nordic cannabis Ruderalis plant, they are ready quickly and are very resistant to cold nights till 10 °C. This way, you can easily harvest two or three times during the summer season. Both Indica and Sativa strains and their hybrids are available in the feminized autoflower variant. On average, an autoflower needs 10 weeks from germination till harvest. Haze autoflower variants need about 2 weeks extra. Because the cycle of an autoflower is so short, you’d better start growing directly in a big pot. An autoflower that is grown indoors, can receive 18 to 20 hours of light during its whole cycle for the best results.

Cannabis provides relieve
Cannabis provides improvement or relief of numerous complaints. The effect of Cannabis is proven for pain, nausea, muscle spasms, MS or to improve the appetite. Apart from that, many people use cannabis for migraine, stress, sleep disorders or other discomforts.

85 effective cannabinoids 
The (medicinal) effects of cannabis are being subscribed to the different cannabinoids that cannabis contains. The best known of the more than 85 cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Especially CBD is an important component of medicinal types of cannabis. CBD reduces the mental effect of THC which makes that you won't get stoned, or at least get less stoned from these CBD rich marijuana strains.

Research of medicinal Cannabis
At the moment there is a lot of research about the effects of medicinal cannabis in relation to epilepsy and cancer. Also in psychiatry, research is going on regarding the antipsychotic effects of CBD, one of the most important cannabinoids from medicinal cannabis. In addiction treatment there is interest in CBD for the treatment of alcoholism and heroine addictions.

Our collection marijuana seeds
We selected our seeds on reliable quality and several special characteristics. We exclusively sell quality seeds from the best European seed suppliers. Because we always limit our stocks and store it in a cool place, we are sure our seeds are fresh.

Hobby growers
Our collection is especially popular among hobby growers and medicinal users of cannabis. Meanwhile, we have more than 15 years of experience with marijuana seeds. Through the knowledge we have built up during the yeras, our current seed collection is of high quality. Meanwhile more than 100 marijuana seed strains, and still more are being added.

Known seed labels
Next to the well-known labels such as Dutch Passion, Kulu, Green House, Royal Queen and Barney's Farm, we have our Private Label with many attractive top strains. Our Private Label is available in both autoflower and feminized strains. Known and proven strains such as the White Widow and Power Plant. Furthermore, we have strains of the proven Cup winners and special strains for the real fans, such as Mehkong High and Durban Poison. 

Dutch outdoor strains
Real Dutch outdoor strains such as Hollands Hope and Frisian Dew. Also, medicinal seeds from Positronics, CBD Crew, Dutch Passion and Strainhunters, among others, you will find abundantly in our seed shop. If you don't find what you are looking for or you have a suggestion for a (new) strain, then you can always contact us for a suitable offer.