Female cannabis plant

A question often asked by a lot of new growers: is this a male or female cannabis plant? Below you will find a video and an explanation about how you can determine whether your plant is male or female.

What gender, sex or genus does contain the weed?
The female marihuana plant contains the sinsemilla, or the so called weed. You must have female plants. If these are not fertilized by a male weed plant, then you can call it sinsemilla. Then the plant gets the flowers that we smoke after they have been dried.

This is a female cannabis plant.

How do you recognise a female plant?
There are many indications to recognise a female plant. A female weed plant looks very healthy and has lots of branches.

The best way to find out if you have a male or female plant is to look at the leaf-axils. The photo below we can recognise a female plant by the hair that comes out of the ball.

You can also identify a female plant at the beginning of flowering. In a female plant, hair will grow at the end of the far ends of the branches. This is where the flowers will grow.

Male cannabis plant

How can you recognise a male cannabis plant?
Male plants can be easily identified because they don’t look very healthy.  They only grow in height and therefore do not have many branches. The male plant also doesn’t look very full and rich. The male weed plant often doesn’t have as much leaves as a female one.

Little balls
The best way to see if the plant is male can be done during flowering. There will be little balls all over where normally the flowers (with females) will come up. The male will produce little balls there.

Why destroy the male?
If you grow weed or cannabis to smoke or for other uses, then we strongly advise destroying the male plants once you have identified them, to avoid fertilizing the females.

If a female cannabis top gets pollinated then you will get little or no weed from a female plant, only seeds. Therefore destroy the males!

You can also interbreed different kinds of weed, for example take a male Northernlight and pollinate a white widow. This way you can obtain your own seeds and finally your own plants. But for the novice hobby grower this is not advisable because it is very difficult.