The latest trend in cannabis seeds is without a doubt fast flowering. Fast flower strains need less time to produce the same weed yield as other photo period strains. This can benefit different types of growers. Wondering what fast flowering seeds are and what they have to offer? In this article we tell you all about these fast flowering weed plants. You will also find a selection of the best fast flowering seeds.

What are Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Fast Flowering weed plants are not all that special. The only difference with 'normal' photo period weed plants is that they have a flowering period of seven weeks or less. So they will be ready for harvest sooner. And yet they often have a similar yield to normal strains. Fast flowering strains are usually indica. Therefore, they will not grow to super size, but remain compact. Ideal for outdoor growers, hydro growers, growers with limited space or growers who want to grow as many plants in a row as possible.

Fast Flower is not an Autoflower

Please note that fast flower does not mean autoflower. Autoflower weed plants are crossed with rudelaris genetics and automatically go into the flowering phase. They don't need a change in the light hours per day to do so. Fast flowering strains, on the other hand, are not crossed with rudelaris genetics and do need a change in the number of light hours per day. In fact, just like normal photo period weed plants. Another advantage of not crossing with rudelaris genetics? The plants grow bigger and fuller than autoflowers. With a higher yield of weed as a result.

Cannabis Flowering

A brief word about the flowering phase of a weed plant. This is the phase of the growing process in which a weed plant produces flowers / buds. You could say that this is the most important phase of growing. Something goes wrong during the flowering phase? Or does your weed plant need its energy for other things during flowering? This will not help the development of the buds. Make sure that after two weeks in the flowering phase you are no longer occupied with stress-inducing growing techniques such as LST, topping, phimming or theaving.

Fast Flowering weed plants flower considerably shorter than normal photo period weed plants. So they need less time to develop large, healthy buds. That is the great advantage of fast flowering seeds. Give it seven weeks and you will be rewarded with a large quantity of top quality weed. With normal strains you usually have to do this much longer for the same result.

When will cannabis start flowering?

The answer to the question "when will weed bloom" depends on where you are going to grow your weed plant. Are you growing weed indoors in a grow room? Then a weed plant will enter the blooming phase when it gets less than 14 hours of light per day. This is in your own hands, since you work with grow lights indoors. So you have to put your grow lights on a different lighting schedule to get your weed plant to flower. In the flowering phase a 12/12 light schedule is often used. 

Are you growing weed outdoors in the garden or in a greenhouse? Then your plant will also flower if it gets less than 14 hours of light per day. The time when this happens is late August/early September. From that time onwards, in the Netherlands, it is dark for more than 10 hours a day (and therefore has 14 hours of light). You can tell a weed plant is going to flower when you see blossom hairs appearing.

Blossom hairs on a blooming weed plant.

Yield of Weed with Fast Flower Strains

Have you decided to grow with fast flowering seeds? Then despite the short flowering period you can count on a considerable weed yield. Most fast flowering cannabis seeds in our collection have an average yield of 500 to 650 grams. Of course, there are also exceptions. The Mendocino Skunk from Paradise Seeds finishes in 7 to 8 weeks and under ideal circumstances you can harvest up to a kilo of weed per plant. Conclusion: the weed yield of fast flower strains is not inferior to that of normal photoperiod strains.

What is Fast Flower good to use for?

As you have read, fast flowering seeds have many advantages. But there are a few types of growing that make them especially suitable. Are you going to grow on coco, use the Sea of Green growing technique or grow outdoors in a cold and damp climate? Then fast flower strains are especially suitable for you.

Growing outdoors in a cold and damp climate

Fast flowering weed plants have a shorter flowering period. This means that when growing outdoors, you finish earlier than with normal photo period strains. This is ideal for outdoor growers in cold and damp climates, as they prefer to finish growing as early in the year as possible. The later in the year you get started, the colder and damper it gets outside. Weed plants cannot cope well with cold and damp. It inhibits the production of buds and THC-rich resin. In addition, the chance of fungi and diseases such as bud rot increases when it is cold and damp outside. With a fast flowering weed seed you can be sure that you will be finished growing by mid-October. This way you have less chance of cold and damp weather. 

Sea of Green (SoG)

Sea of Green (SoG) is a growing technique that can be used to great effect when growing with fast flower seeds. The purpose of SoG is to force the weed plants into flowering earlier and to harvest them as quickly as possible. You also try to create an even cover of weed plants, so that every plant gets the same amount of light. After the harvest you immediately proceed to the next Sea of Green grow. This way you can grow several plants in a shorter period of time. Sea of Green is a real indoor growing technique. But why should you use Fast Flower in this?

With Sea of Green you force your weed plants to flower quickly. You do this by setting the light schedule to 12/12 early on. Approximately when the plants are 20 centimeters tall. Of course you can do this with all photo period strains. Fast flower does not necessarily make a difference. The big advantage lies in the length of the blooming period. If you have forced them into the flowering phase, a normal strain will need longer to finish. Fast flower strains do this in seven weeks or less. So you can harvest faster and move on to the next grow. And that's exactly what this growing technique is all about. Want to know more about Sea of Green? Read the blog about growing techniques.

Sea of Green - An even cover of weed plants in the grow room.

Growing on Coconut

Growing fast flowering weed plants on coco is a match made in heaven for growers who want to grow as fast as possible. Coconut potting soil consists of about 25 to 30% air. This allows the roots of your weed to absorb oxygen better and gives them more room to grow. A large root system leads to a healthy, but sometimes also a faster flowering phase. Because of the large root system your plant can become bigger and stronger in a shorter time. Combine this with the profit you make in the flowering stage when you are growing fast flowering seeds. Then you will understand why growing on coconut and fast flower go well together. Want to know more about growing on coconut fibre? Click through to the extensive blog.

The Best Fast Flowering Seeds

In our seed shop you will find a number of fast flowering seeds. They are all indica dominant strains and all have a flowering period of seven weeks or less. Indica's simply flower faster. Who knows, maybe sativa-dominant cannabis seeds will be added in the future. We keep an eye on our suppliers every day. Our fast flower cannabis seeds do vary in taste, effect, height, yield, THC and CBD percentage. So: do you want to grow with fast flowering seeds? Compare the strains below and choose your own!

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