Essential oil in ancient times
Ancient knowledge in modern times. A vaporizer is also known as an ''aroma diffuser'' and can be used very well as an evaporator for essential oils and herbs in aromatherapy. View our vaporizers range here! Aromatherapy is a branch of phytotherapy and makes use of the effect of odours originating from plants and herbs. The delightful scents of the essential oils stimulate body and mind, the auto-immune system and brings peace and balance.

Phytotherapy, and aromatherapy as part of this, has been used in almost all ancient cultures to cleanse, to provide offers to the gods and to treat diseases. Parts of plants were smoked, or an essence was made of it by extracting the oils from the resin and blossoms of medicinal plants or the essential oil. The ancient knowledge about the use and effects of medicinal plants has always been preserved very well.

Ancient Knowledge In The Modern Time Dutch Headshop

Phyto inhalation
Herbs can be vaporized and inhaled with a vaporizer. This is sometimes known as phyto inhalation. When vaporizing the herbs, there are no toxic gasses released. This makes vaporizing less harmfull than smoking. Apart from that, vaporizing is much more efficient than smoking. This is because fewer herbs are needed for creating a powerful and immediate result..

Essential oils
Essential oils are liquid fragrances from plants, suitable for aromatherapy. They exist in and on top of the plant as miniscule drops of oil. The substances are extremely volatile and their composition is not comparable with vegetable oils, such as almond oil or sunflower oil. Essential oil does not dissolve easily in water. But it does in fatty oils or alcohol with a high percentage.

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Vaporizing / evaporating herbs
Suitable herbs and essential oils to evaporate in a vaporizer, can be found in many health food store or organic shops. Dutch-Headshop counts with several herbs that are suitable for evaporation with a vaporizer. These herbs can be found in the Smartshop section. Some of these herbs give a pleasant aromatic experience, while others are known for the mild psychoactive effects. A number of these plants we know as ornamental garden plants. They provide the possibility to cultivate and harvest your own herbs for your own use in aromatherapy. Do you still have some questions about the herbs or vaporizers? Read the FAQ about the vaporizers or contact our customer service!