Will you come shopping in our herb shop? You won't find these special plants and plant extracts on the spice shelf in the supermarket. No, our private label herbs are available at the online smartshop for a reason. They all have a special effect. 

Stimulating Herbs

With stimulants such as calamus, ashwagandha and cola nut, let nature give you a hand. With extra focus, energy or stamina, you can take on the world. Also a good alternative to coffee!

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Muira puama, damiana and the classic aphrodite blend are specially selected for better or finer performance in bed. Delicious aphrodisiacs for men, women and everything in between. They stimulate sensuality and locally promote blood circulation in a natural way.

Relaxing Herbs

These aromatic herbs help relax the body and mind and in some cases offer a slight euphoria. Think of blue lotus, skullcap or marihuanilla.

Vaporizer Herbs

Vaporizer herbs are specially designed to be used in your vaporizer. They have just the right density to put in your vaporizer. The required vaporizer temperature for each herb is described in the detailed product text.

All types of herbs for Herbal Tea

Many of our herbs can be used to make herbal tea, but some can also be used in the vaporizer. Are you curious about herbs that are specifically suited for the vaporizer? Then go to this category. Making a herbal tea is very simple. Steep the herbs in hot water and filter out the plant material. Some herbs are very bitter, but others taste fantastic. That is why you will find them in herbal teas, even in the supermarket. However, you will probably not find natural erection herbs such as muira puama there. ;)


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