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Miraculix's THC/CBD-QTest is a validated test kit that allows you to test the THC and CBD content of your cannabis within 10 minutes. The kit includes a dropper bottle for testing CBD and a vial with the developer for determining THC content. After adding the necessary materials, compare the color change with the color chart to assess the result. The test gives an indication of concentration and can also detect synthetic cannabinoids. The test kit was developed by Miraculix, a company that has also developed other drug tests for substances such as psilocybin and LSD.

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Always wanted to know how strong your homegrown buds really are? Is that strong strain from the local coffee shop really worth its money? With the THC/CBD-QTest you finally get answers to all those long-standing questions. Miraculix's new cannabis test kit is the first validated test that allows you to test your cannabis yourself. This test kit allows you to get a quick and valid test result within 10 minutes. The time of doubting the learned percentages of THC and CBD in your favorite weed or extract is over with Miraculix's new test kit.

THC/CBD Testing in 4 Steps

1 Preparation

Before testing, make sure you have everything in order. Take all the items from the kit, wash your hands and forearms thoroughly and put on the gloves provided. Weigh about 20 mg of the starting material. In the case of cannabis, it is recommended to grind it finely with a grinder.

2 Detection CBD

To test the THC and CBD content, it is important to always follow the prescribed order. Thus, CBD is tested first and only then for THC. Add the ground starting material to the dropper bottle with the green cap. Tilt and turn the bottle gently back and forth for about 30 seconds, do not shake it! Then let it stand and wait 10 minutes before evaluating the color. In this initial detection phase, you are only testing for the percentage of CBD present in the starting material. The color of the dropper bottle is compared to the color chart. Look on the chart for the color that most closely matches your result.

3 Detection THC

To test the THC content, we need to add the remaining supplied materials to the starting material in the dropper bottle with the green cap. Start with 10 drops from the blister, you must first carefully open it in the middle part. Drop the drops gently, so you don't have to squeeze hard. Finally, take the vial with the red cap, drop 5 taps of granules (no more than a drop size) into the dropper bottle with your starting material. Tighten the cap securely and shake back and forth slightly. During this phase of the test, the color change will happen immediately, so you don't have to wait 10 minutes. As with the CBD Test, again compare the color with the color chart. Choose the color that most closely matches your test result.

A detailed manual can be found in the package.

Side note

Consider the following points in this test:

  • The measured concentration is an indication. Thus, it is not 100% accurate.
  • The concentration is measured from a sample; not from what you actually ingest.
  • Read in daylight and with white paper as a background.
  • Our supplier mentions that this kit is also suitable for determining synthetic cannabinoids. In case a test indicates that the THC or CBD content is implausibly low, this would mean that you are dealing with something synthetic.

Box contents

  • Plastic dropper bottle with green cap (for testing CBD)
  • blister with developer
  • vial of detection reagent (to determine % THC)
  • manual
  • color chart for review
  • protective gloves

About Miraculix

The psilocybin test was the brainchild of Dr. Felix Blei, who developed this beautiful piece of technology for a legal project at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Miraculix developed other drug tests, including also for THC and CBD, MDMA and LSD. Unlike other tests, in addition to the detectability of these substances, you can also see how much of these active substances are in a sample. This gives you an excellent indication for determining your dosage and you not only take a dose that is useful, but also a safe dose with a smaller chance of a bad trip.

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