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MDMA is the active substance in XTC or ecstasy. At least, that’s what you hope. Unfortunately, the XTC market is corrupted with substances to make the party pills cheaper to make. Now, with this purity test, you can test how much MDMA a pill or capsule contains yourself. All you have to do is scrape off 20 milligrammes from the pill and follow the instructions. Within half an hour you will have reliable results! It couldn’t be easier. Do yourself a favour and opt for the safety of the EZ Test. 1 test per pack.

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What is MDMA?

MDMA is the active substance in XTC or ecstasy. Under the hood MDMA increases the release of certain substances in your brain and these deliver an intense feeling of togetherness, joy and enhanced energy. This is why XTC pills are often used at parties.

Why Test Drugs?

It’s important to know what you’re taking. XTC pills can contain other substances besides MDMA. As well as the variants MDA and MDEA, XTC can also contain adulterants such as amphetamine or methamphetamine, 2C-B and piperazine. All of these substances can have unexpected results and dangerous side effects. Especially when you’re unaware of them.

Using this EZ Test, you can easily find out how much MDMA a pill actually contains without sacrificing the whole pill.

Please note: this test is not suitable for displaying adulterants. For that purpose, choose the the Drugs Test for XTC, 2C-B and Speed. See recommended products.

How do you Use this EZ Test?

Using this EZ Test takes just a few easy steps. You do need a very accurate set of scales for this test though. Check the recommended products on this page.

  1. Weigh your pill and make a note of its total weight.
  2. Now measure exactly 20 milligrammes from your sample. Do this by scraping a bit off your pill.
  3. Open the ampoule with the test reagents.
  4. Add your sample to the ampoule, seal it off properly and shake well.
  5. Allow it to stand.
  6. After between 5 minutes and quarter of an hour you can roughly judge the purity, but for the most reliable results you should allow the test to stand for between 30 and 45 minutes. 
  7. Compare the colour of the top layer of your EZ Test with the enclosed table.
  8. Use a calculator (e.g. on your mobile) and multiply the weight of your pill by the percentage from the table that corresponds to the colour. Now you know how much MDMA the pill contains.

An example: you have weighed out exactly 20 milligrammes and the pill itself weighs 311 milligrammes. The test result corresponds to 75% purity. In this case, your pill is calculated to contain 0.75 * 311 milligrammes = 233.3 mg MDMA.

You can search online to see whether that is a good dosage for you. Use the database from Erowid or Jellinek for this purpose.

EZ Test for Street Drugs

Drugs sold on the street may contain adulterants or hazardous substances. With the easy-to-use, portable EZ Test, you can be sure that what you bought actually does contain the right substance and no unwanted ingredients. 

Packaging Contents

  1. 1 MDMA purity test
  2. Colour chart for comparison
  3. Instructions in English

EZ Test

The purpose of an EZ Test is to assess whether taking (soft) drugs is safe. This handy and highly portable package will give you the test results within a few seconds.

Warning: The EZ Test can provide only an indication of whether certain substances are present. No rights can be derived regarding the test’s accuracy. You can have drugs tested by an official body - this is the only way in which to find out exactly what the ingredients are. Additionally, an EZ test does not tell you how much of an active substance is present. Furthermore, the use of any kind of drugs is entirely your own responsibility.

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