Drugtest for Ketamine (EZ Test)

Drugtest for Ketamine (EZ Test)
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The narcotic substance ketamine is used a lot as a recreational drug. But how do you know for sure that your gramme of keta actually contains ketamine and not something else? By testing it of course! This EZ Test has been specially developed to show whether you’re dealing with ketamine... or one of the commonly used adulterants PMA, ritalin, aminoidan, amphetamine or MDMA. When you buy, you get 5 single-use tests.

EZ Test
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Ketamine, what is it?

Ketamine is often abbreviated to Keta or K and it’s sometimes even called Special K. It’s a narcotic substance with powerful dissociative properties. It’s mainly used in veterinary medicine. The effects are a feeling of numbness, difficulty with movement, loss of feeling in your body and the idea that you are ‘detached’ from your surroundings. Keta usually resembles coke for snorting but has a more crystalline structure.

Ketamine EZ Test Features

  • Result within a few seconds
  • User-friendly and simple
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Single-use
  • Safe: does not itself contain any hazardous substances

Why Test Ketamine?

Ketamine is used as a recreational drug and is not legally obtainable. Therefore it is not controlled. Keta is often adulterated with other psychoactive drugs like ritalin, MDMA (the active substance in XTC) or PMA, with unexpected and dangerous effects as a result. Using this test, you can see whether a sample of ketamine has been adulterated with XTC or another substance. See the colours listing below for all the possible adulterants which the Ketamine EZ Test can display.

  • Bright red: contains ketamine
  • Yellow/Green: contains amphetamine or methamphetamine
  • Dark red: contains PMA/PMMA
  • Yellow/Orange: contains ritalin
  • Dark blue: contains ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Light blue: contains aminoindan

Please note: this test is only suitable for indicating ketamine or commonly used adulterants. The test only shows that ketamine is present and doesn’t tell you how much ketamine is present in your drug.

How do you Use this EZ Test?

Using this EZ Test takes just a few easy steps.

  1. Open the ampoule with the test reagents.
  2. Place a small bit of your ketamine for testing.
  3. Add the granule supplied in the cap of the EZ test. This is a catalyst which speeds up the test.
  4. Allow the ingredients to mix.
  5. Check the colour after the reaction and compare it to the supplied guide. Is it bright red? If so, then your sample contains Keta. Is it a different colour from the colours mentioned earlier? Beware! In that case, an unknown substance has been detected or multiple adulterants.

EZ Test for Street Drugs

Drugs sold on the street may contain adulterants or hazardous substances. With the easy-to-use, portable EZ Test, you can be sure that what you bought actually does contain the right substance and no unwanted ingredients. 

Packaging Contents

  1. 5 Ketamine EZ tests
  2. Colour chart for comparison
  3. Instructions in English

EZ Test

The purpose of an EZ Test is to assess whether taking (soft) drugs is safe. This handy and highly portable package will give you the test results within a few seconds.

Warning: The EZ Test can provide only an indication of whether certain substances are present. No rights can be derived regarding the test’s accuracy. You can have drugs tested by an official body - this is the only way in which to find out exactly what the ingredients are. Additionally, an EZ test does not tell you how much of an active substance is present. Furthermore, the use of any kind of drugs is entirely your own responsibility.

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