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Pink rolling paper from Mascotte in King-Size Slim format. Nice for lady smokers or men who can appreciate a pink joint. The colour has no influence on the quality and the Pink Edition is just as good as Mascotte’s other papers. The pink Mascotte paper is extremely thin and burns slowly and evenly. The packages are fitted with a magnetic closure, so that your papers are not damaged. Top-quality rolling paper in a fancy jacket. Also available by the box. Surprise your girlfriend or smoke it yourself!

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Pink Paper

Top-quality pink-coloured paper. That is the Pink Edition from Mascotte. Specially for the lady smoker or men with a passion for pink. Fancy long paper in king-size slim format. The pink paper burns slowly and evenly, exactly as you’d expect from Mascotte. Extra thin and something different again from your standard white or brown joints. To better protect your rolling papers, the packs have a magnetic closure!

Value box

The pink paper from Mascotte is not only available by the individual packet but also by the box. We give you the option to stock up on rolling paper in an economical way. The more paper you order, the cheaper it gets. Don’t hesitate any longer and order a whole box of pink paper at once. That will save you a whole lot of bother and you’ll never run out of paper!

Specifications for Mascotte Pink Edition:

  • Pink Rolling Paper from Mascotte
  • King-size Slim Format
  • Burns slowly and evenly
  • Packages with magnetic closure
  • Extra thin: 13.8 grammes per m2
  • 110 x 44 mm
  • 34 papers in a packet
  • 50 packets in a box

About Mascotte

Mascotte is one of the oldest smoke brands in the world. The company was founded in 1858 under the name Mignot & de Block BV. Mascotte produces mainly rolling paper an nowadays does so with the newest technologies. But that was not always the case. Because of a shortage of cigarette paper, there sometimes has to be looked for alternatives. Mascotte therefore made rolling paper from Bible paper during the Second World War. In short: a brand that has been around for a while. In addition to rolling paper, Mascotte also makes filter sleeves, sleeve stoppers and rolling machines.

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