Hemp Seed Oil Organic (Medihemp) 250 ml

Hemp Seed Oil Organic (Medihemp) 250 ml
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The hemp seed oil has a nice taste and is made from organically grown European hemp. This hemp is cold-pressed and is 100% organically certified hemp. It contains high levels of Gamma Linoleic acid and a unique balance of fatty acids omega 3 and 6. Rich in 8 essential amino acids, Vitamin B and E and with a mild nutty flavor. Use about two to three tablespoons each day. A bottle will last for about nine months.


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This hemp seed oil does not only taste delicious but is also made of organically cultivated European hemp (certified). This hemp seed oil is very suitable for vegetarian, vegan, paleo or raw diet! This 100% organic hemp seed oil should not be absent in the modern kitchen.

Unique properties:

  •  Cold-pressed
  • 100% certified organic hemp
  • High level of Gamma Linoleic Acid
  • Unique balance of fatty acids Omega 3 and 6
  • Rich in 8 essential amino acids,
  • Rich in vitamin B and E
  • Mild, nut-like taste

Cold-pressed Hemp seed oil
The hemp seed is cold-pressed, this is to keep the quality of the product and to ensure that all vitamins and minerals are preserved. This way the nut-like taste gets its soft taste.

Usage Hemp seed oil
The recommended amount per day is 2 to 3 spoons. One bottle is enough for approximately 9 weeks use.

Hemp seed oil to cook
You can use hemp seed oil in salads, soups, or to fry food. In short, a multi-purpose oil that makes your diet healthier with all the benefits of hemp. There is no other oil in the market with a comparable value in healthy omega fatty acids and vitamins.

MediHemp Hemp seed oil
MediHemp is the only supplier in Europe with an organic label. This Austrian family company grows the industrial hemp plants in a traditional and organic way. No pesticides or herbicides are used. Furthermore, the plants are hand-selected for the harvest. The products of MediHemp are always of a constant high quality, and therefore favorite among our regular customers.



Nutritional value per 100g


 3700KJ / 900 kcal

Saturated fats


Monounsaturated fatty acids


Carbon hydrates


Of which sugars






Omega 3 fatty acids


Content package
Bottle with 250 ml Hemp seed oil with natural taste.


CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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