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In sunny Austria there are fields full with hemp plants from Wedihemp. These hemp plants form the foundation of the CBD oil 10% raw. Why is is called raw? The oil is truly 100% natural with all that is good from nature. Without the use of chemical fertilizer or other pesticides. Experience yourself what CBD oil can do for you. You can choose between a bottle of 10 ml or 30 ml.

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Pure Natural and Cold Extracted

The CBD oil Raw 10% from Wedihemp is made from 100% natural products, without the addition of chemical fertilizer or other pesticides. Pure natural and organic. The used hemp plants for this oil are completely cold extracted, which preserves several cannabinoids:

  • CBD
  • CBD acid (or CBDa)
  • CBD
  • CBG
  • CBN
  • CBV
  • Pigments
  • Terpenes
  • Phenoles

Choose from 10 ml and 30 ml

You can choose from a 10 ml or 30 ml bottle. A total of 1000 mg CBD plus CBDA is contained in a single 10 ml bottle. A bottle of 30 ml contains three times as much: 3000 mg. 10 ml of CBD oil is good for approximately 250 drops and 30 ml for ~ 750 drops.

What is CBD?

CBD is obtained from legal fiber hemp; the same plant used for making cords, building materials and even clothing for many hundreds of years. Besides, hemp is a powerful plant to which supporting characteristics for body and mind are attributed. Cannabidiol, the complete name of CBD, is praised for its versatility and deserves a place of honor among the superfoods.

Just so you know, CBD induces no psychoactive effects. Therefore, you will not get high or stoned on CBD. CBD products from the Dutch-Headshop are completely legally available.

The Difference Between Pure CBD Oil and CBD Oil Raw

In short, Wedihemp CBD oil is made from the flowers and leaves from organic hemp plants. By means of supercritical CO2-extraction, cannabinoids are extracted from the plant, after which the CBD extract is diluted with oil This creates CBD oil. From the CBD oils from Wedihemp you have a choice between two different types: pure and raw.

With Pure CBD oil...

  • Heat is used during the production process This preserves only the cannabinoid CBD. The rest ‘dissipates’.
  • Has a feint nutty flavor. Most people really like the pure variant.

With CBD Oil Raw...

  • No Heat is used during the production process Everything is cold extracted and pressed. The advantage of this is that, besides CBD, other cannabinoids are preserved as well, like CBDa.
  • Has a bitter and sharp flavor. Many people find this CBD oil flavor less pleasant than the flavor of the pure variant.

The Application of CBD Oil Raw 10%

Always shake well before use. To avoid problems we advise you to first tighten the cap. Keep the CBD oil in a dry, cool place. After opening, the bottle has a shelf life of about 6 months.

Be aware: it can be that the CBD oil from your previous delivery had a slightly different taste or smell. Because CBD oil is obtained in a sustainable and organic way, we are not able to influence that. Nature is different every day. Because the oil is truly 100% natural, the oil can differ between batches. The amount of CBD and other important properties that characterize this product however, always stay the same.

The Dosage of CBD oil

The correct dose is different for everyone. Because of this, always start with two droplets of CBD oil per application. Only after this you can adjust the dose gradually, for example, with one droplet per intake. Leave a few days between an increase of dose. The maximum dose is 15 droplets per day (24 hours). You can easily take the CBD oil by applying the droplets under your tongue. Wacht for about 60 seconds after application, before swallowing.

Quality and Certification of the CBD Oils of Wedihemp

For the CBD-producer Wedihemp, quality is extremely important. For example, their products contain many certifications that underline the quality. For example, their oils have the certificates:

  • Trading certificate from EFSA (European Authority of Food Safety).
  • Austria Bio Guarantee

In addition to the certificates they also regularly get their CBD oils tested externally. The results of these tests are published on their website. Super transparent to their customers.

Contents of the Package

  • Bottle of CBD oil raw 10%. Choice from: 10 ml (~250 droplets) or 30 ml (~750 droplets)
  • Packaged in a brown glass bottle, uv-light resistant.


Hemp Seed Oil: 5405 mg (54%), Hemp extract: 4590 mg (46%).


The producer is the Austrian family company Wedihemp, which cultivates and produces its products in an entirely organic manner. Wedihemp is even the only CBD and CBG-producer in Europe with the official SKAL certification. This certification ensures 100% monitored organic cultivation.

Brand Wedihemp
Organic No
Product Type Druppels
Vegan Yes
Ingredients hennepzaadolie (74%), hennepextract (26%)
SKU G-1239-1256
CBD percentage 7% to 15%
CBD inhoud 750 mg
Content 10ml en 30 ml
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