Skullcap cut [Scutellaria galericulata] (Indian Elements) 50 grams

Skullcap cut [Scutellaria galericulata] (Indian Elements) 50 grams
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Skullcap - It sounds a bit tense but this pleasant herb does exactly the opposite! Skullcap has a relaxing effect that works very well before going to bed or when you have feelings of agitation. Great if you are feeling nervous! You can also stimulate a mild high but keep a clear head. This will significantly relieve your feelings of anxiety and agitation. You can brew a nicely relaxing Skullcap tea from this shredded herb. Just the thing for in the evening or during hectic periods. Naturally, it’s the finest quality from Indian Elements. You get 50 grammes of shredded Skullcap per packet.

Indian Elements


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The herb Skullcap is relaxing and can help with nervousness. It is traditionally used to overcome insomnia and anxiety. It can also be used to create a mild high which results in relieving fear and anxiety. The Skullcap (Scutellaria galericulata) plant is approximately 50 cm high. The Skullcap can be found along the waterfront and in swamp forests. In the Netherlands it is also known as the blue skullcap.

  • High quality from Indian Elements
  • 50 grammes per packet
  • Dried and finely shredded Skullcap leaf and stem

Skullcap Effect

You can use the Skullcap as tea before sleeping, to relax or meditate. It produces a pleasant relaxing feeling. It can also for anxiety before an exam, because concentration and thinking ability are not affected.

The Skullcap can also be used to calm tension and inner turmoil. The Skullcap is a naturally relaxing rest-inducing herb. It can also help with discomfort prior to or during menstruation.

Using Skullcap

When making tea use 5 grams Skullcap herb, let it soak for 15 minutes in half litre of hot boiled water. Then you can add some sugar. Drink one or two cups for the desired effect.

Indian Elements

The Indian Elements brand stands for the distribution of natural plants and extracts which can influence us positively in one way or another. From stimulating cola nut to aphrodisiacal damiana. You will find both uppers and downers in the range but also aphrodisiacs and mildly psychedelic herbs from around the world. Many of these herbs have been used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Now they can be ordered easily online at Dutch Headshop. Enjoy the power of nature!

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