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A digital scale is especially useful when your marijuana plants are full-grown and you want to weigh the harvest. Buying a weighing scale is of course possible at the Dutch-Headshop and allows you to weigh the total marijuana or hash harvest.

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Looking for a beautiful balance? For weighing your harvest, you are at the right place at Dutch-Headshop. Because here you will find all kinds of digital scales, suitable for weighing hash or weed.

Digital balance features

All digital balances at the Dutch-Headshop basically have one important function: Weighing the total marijuana or hash harvest. Still, some balances have extra features. The distribution of marijuana in equal portions, or crumbling the marijuana is among the possibilities with certain balances.


Balances have different options. The options of course depend on the balance, but many digital scales have similarities. Each balance is accurate to one decimal point and some balances even measure up to two decimal points. Besides, some weighing scales have capacity to weigh up to 100 grams. Then, there are some scales that can weigh up to 600 or 650 grams. All weighing scales automatically turn off when not being used.

Important product

The Las Vegas digital balance 200 is one of the most popular balances. It is a complete, affordable and smartphone-sized balance, with a lot of qualities. The scale is made of materials like aluminum and plastic. A digital display shows all numbers and settings. The balance measures in four units, has automatic calibration and automatic shutdown. One can measure up to 200 grams, with a 0.01 gram accuracy.


Weighing scales at the Dutch-Headshop are available in four different labels. Only for the brand Justice we offer several types. For the other brands, we have one product in our product assortment. All other labels, each with its respective benefits, are shown below.

  • Fuzion; high capacity and accuracy, measures in four units and has a weighing surface of 7x7cm
  • Justice; two types of weighing scales (one normal and one CD-shaped), measures in four units and has a nice design
  • My Weigh; easy to bring in your pocket, measures in four units and has a large weighing surface
  • On Balance; including grinder, measures in four units and resembles an inconspicuous soda can

A digital scale, a solution for all growers. Choose your favorite balance and order it easily and discreetly online at the Dutch-Headshop.