Calibration Weights | 100 grams

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Do you need to recalibrate your scales? Don’t panic! It’s a piece of cake with these calibration weights. Activate the automatic calibration function on your scales, wait until the required weight is shown on the screen, put the weight on the scales and job done! The 100-gramme standard weights are suitable for the calibration of any digital scales with a maximum capacity of 100 grammes. Do your precision scales have a maximum capacity of 200 grammes? In that case you need two calibration weights. Check out the product information for a detailed explanation!

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Calibrating Scales with Standard Weights

Sometimes your precision scales can go a bit crazy. That can happen if the scales have been jolted, the maximum capacity has been exceeded or simply from a lot of use. If your digital scales have been corrupted then you need to recalibrate them quickly. Naturally, you don’t want to be out by a couple of grammes when weighing weed or a microdose. So buy calibration weights (also referred to as standard or reference weights) to solve the problem.

How to Calibrate Scales with Calibration Weights?

It’s not at all difficult to calibrate scales. All you need is a calibration weight and scales fitted with the automatic calibration function. In that case just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your scales are standing on a 100% flat surface and out of the wind or any other air currents.

  2. Switch on the scales. Press the calibration function and wait until the scales display ‘CAL’. The scale will then start to blink and indicate the weight that has to be measured. This is normally the scales’ maximum capacity.

  3. Place the calibration weight on the scales and wait a couple of seconds until the scales display ‘PASS’ on the screen (or the scales stop blinking). Your scales are now calibrated. You can now weigh accurately again!

Not all scales work in exactly the same way. The above instructions are based on the actions to be performed on most scales. Watch the clip below to get an idea of how easy it is to calibrate your scales.

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Calibration Weights | 100 grams

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