Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Greengo) 109 mm

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Cones: ready-made, pre-rolled joint cones where all that’s left for you to do is fill them with weed or other smoking materials. The Greengo cones are unbleached, free of chemicals, made from FSC-approved paper and still biodegradable as well. In short, eco cones with a great filter tip of the highest calibre! These king-size cones are 109 mm long with a paper thickness of 14 grammes/m2. Order 3 cones in a single pack or go large with a box of 1,000 Greengo king-size cones.

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King-size cones from the no-nonsense, green filter brand Greengo. Fitted with a biodegradable filter and brown paper, these pre-rolled joint cones give you a smoking experience without affecting the flavour or leaving an after-taste. The cones are unbleached and contain the recognisable watermark that promotes even burning. Moreover, they are nice and strong as well. In short: high-quality cones! Greengo is the Netherlands’ most popular, unbleached rolling paper and not without reason!

Buy a Large Pack of Cones!

Want to buy Greengo and save over the long term? Are you a big user? If so, opt for a box of 1,000 joint cones and get it done in one. What you need to know though is that the filter length differs slightly. In a pack of 3 pieces, the filter tips are 26 mm long. In a box of 1,000 cones the tips are 5 mm shorter: 21 mm. It makes no difference to the smoking experience, but we think you ought to know that before you press the order button.

Features of Greengo King-Size Cones

  • Unbleached: free of chemical junk
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Can be ordered in packs of 3 or 1,000 cones
  • The cones are 109 mm long (king-size)
  • The tips of the pieces in the 1,000-pack are 21 mm long
  • The tips of the pieces in the 3-pack are 26 mm long
  • Large box is extra-competitively priced
  • Conical form
  • Comes with plastic stamper / filler tool
  • No more DIY rolling

About Greengo

Greengo products have proved enormously popular with joint smokers for many years already. Greengo is a trade name for TGC Trading which also sells vaporizers and even caps and shirts in addition to smokers’ wares like paper and tips. The wholesaler offers high-quality products for keen prices. As far as it can, this brand strives to make 100% natural products so that joint smokers can enjoy the most natural smoke possible. With its great-looking products, Greengo has developed into a very well-known name in the sector. Go Green, smoke Greengo!

SKU G-2275-2276
Brand Greengo
Size 109 mm
Length Filter tip 21
Unbleached Yes
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Cones King-Size Joint Tubes (Greengo) 109 mm

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