Glass Ice Bong | Cylinder (Black Leaf)

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Premium ice bong from Black Leaf. Handmade and provided with a drum percolator. The glass bong is 30 cm high and stands firmly on its base. It comes with a herb bowl with a handle. The bowl is attached to a diffuser slit adapter. This in turn provides extra filtration and cooling. You can fill the Black Leaf ice bong with ice cubes in the neck. In combination with the drum percolator, slit adapter and the long neck, the Cylinder bong provides unprecedented cool and clean smoke. Extra easy to use thanks to the kick hole with rubber plug (also handy for cleaning). A high quality percolator bong from Black Leaf with all conveniences!

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User-friendly Percolator Bong

Want a bong that's easy to use? One with a lot of pull, cool and purified smoke? Go for the Cylinder ice bong from Black Leaf. You fill it with water and ice cubes through the neck. You put the herb bowl with heat-resistant handle on the diffusor slit adapter. Fill the bowl and grab the ice bong for extra grip. Put your finger on the kick hole and light it up! The smoke is filtered and cooled by the drum percolator, diffuser slit adapter, the ice and the long neck. When the percolator bong is filled, remove your finger from the kick hole and experience the power and purity of the Black Leaf Cylinder. Pure and clean enjoyment!

Specifications Black Leaf Cylinder Bong:

  • Handmade bong from Black Leaf
  • Bowl with heat-resistant handle
  • Drum percolator bong
  • With kick hole and diffuser slit adapter
  • With cut-outs (Ice Bong)
  • Made of sturdy borosilicate glass
  • Suitable for weed and other dry herbs
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Diameter: 3,8 cm
  • Thickness of the glass: 4 mm
  • Strong and stands firm
  • Fitting (bong grind): SG19/SG14 (18,8mm / 14,5mm)
  • Weight: aprox. 600 grams

*You can convert the Cylinder bong to a dab rig with a fitting dabbing nail.

Large Glass Ice Bong

These glass bongs are provided with Ice Catchers (Ice-holders). You can fill the top of the bong with ice cubes. The ice cubes remain above the bong thanks to the Ice Catchers. The bong can be still filled with water. It is not necessary to fill the bong with ice cubes, it’s optional. When used with ice cubes, the smoke is cool(er) and the taste is gentler on the throat.

SKU 2579
GTIN 4250153645351
Availability Out of stock
Brand Black Leaf
Material Glass
Suitable for Weed / Dry Herbs
Bong Height 21 - 30 cm
Bong Diameter 2 - 4 cm
Ice Bong Yes
Percolator / Filter Yes
Bong Grind / Fitting Combination
Kickhole Yes
Lift-Off Bowl Yes
Extra Info Drum Percolator, Slit Diffusor Chillum
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Glass Ice Bong | Cylinder (Black Leaf)

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