Gravity Bong (Bukket)

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Have you ever heard of a Bukket? Perhaps you think of a water pipe or a weed pipe. But it is neither. Because it is a smoking method where one uses a bucket and an empty soda bottle. It is a method used to smoke pure weed, well-cooled smoke you can take in without any hassle. The effect as well as the taste will be tougher than you are used to. Please take note and get used to it first!
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The Bukket is not a bong pipe or a weed what is it?! The Bukket is unique and does not fall into any specific category. The Bukket is based on a method of smoking which uses a bucket and an empty coke bottle. Using a cola bottle and a bucket, the smoke is first inhaled from the bottle and then slowly drawn into the lungs.

How does the Bukket work?

For further information,watch the video below.  With the Bukket method, you place the cannabis in the bowl, hold a flame to the cannabis and let the Bukket gradually expanse. The Bukket will slowly fill with the cannabis smoke. After the bucket has filled, put the mouthpiece to your mouth and inhale the cannabis smoke. The Bukket can easily be shared if you want to use it with other people.

Why the Bukket?

The Bukket method is hassle free and a good way to smoke pure cannabis as the smoke is well chilled. The special feature of the Bukket is that the effect and taste are more intense than other smoking methods. Be careful!

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Brand Bukket
Material Acrylic
Suitable for Weed / Dry Herbs
Ice Bong No
Percolator / Filter No
Bong Grind / Fitting Other
Kickhole No
Lift-Off Bowl No
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Gravity Bong (Bukket)

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