Active Carbon Filters Aluminium 6 x 26 mm (CTIP)

Active Carbon Filters Aluminium 6 x 26 mm (CTIP)

Do you like to smoke joints with active carbon filters? Then you should try these smart tips from CTIP. The active carbon is contained in a conical aluminum housing. This makes them sturdy, cools the smoke extra well and fits perfectly in your joint. And it looks luxurious too! You can choose between bags of 25 or 200 pieces. Each aluminum filter tip ensures that tar and other harmful substances do not reach your body. On to healthier smoking with CTIP!

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CTIP: Conical and made of sturdy aluminum

There are countless different types of activated carbon filters. From ActiTube to Purize (recommended products), they all look alike. This version of CTIP has something special. The aluminum housing has a luxurious look and is also super sturdy. It smokes and rolls super smoothly and the aluminum cools the smoke extra well before you inhale it. Unlike many other activated carbon filters, the CTIPs have a conical shape. This allows you to make nicer, bigger joints. 

Activated Carbon Filters

These CTIP filters are made from vegetable, activated carbon. The carbon filters remove a great deal of the bad substances from your joint or weed pipe. They filter tar and other harmful substances from a joint or pipe. All THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes from the weed will pass through so you’ll still get high or stoned! In addition to the filtering action, the smoke is cooled and you won’t have to put up with a bitter aftertaste. With CTIP's activated carbon filter, you’ll enjoy pure smoke with each drag. 

Tip: the filters work best with small, steady drags.

Benefits of Purize Active Carbon Filters

  • Active carbon filter made of aluminum
  • Fits better into your joint because of the conical shape
  • Active carbon = Healthier Smoking
  • Eliminates harmful substances
  • Cools the smoke
  • Length of the tip: 26 mm
  • Diameter of the tip: front 6 mm | back 7 mm
  • Roll a solid joint easily
  • Packages contain 25 or 200 pieces
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