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Lay the foundations for healthy growth and flowering of your cannabis plant with Plagron Pure Zym. An outstanding product from Plagron that is eminently suitable for the first five weeks of the cycle. You can of course also use the feed during the other phases of cultivation. Because this weed feed accelerates the take-up of food, the plant is better able to resist diseases. Pure Zym accelerates the decomposition of dead plant parts. Additionally, it gives your cannabis plant the protection it needs against soil diseases. In short: Pure Zym contains essential nutrients for keeping the plant healthy and improving the quality of the harvest! Available in either a 100 ml bottle or a 500 ml bottle!

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Plagron Pure Zym

Pure Zym from Plagron is an organic soil conditioner for the first five weeks of the growth cycle. Don’t worry, you can use this stuff during the other cultivation phases. De voeding versnelt de opname van belangrijke voedingsstoffen. Enzymes are responsible for the accelerated decomposition of dead plant parts. This accelerated degradation devoleps many extra nutrients and the micro life in the soil is stimulated. The vitamins in the Pure Zym ensure a healthy plant and gives protection against soil diseases. A good start is half the work, use Plagron Pure Zym!


  • Suitable for the initial cultivation period
  • Protects the cannabis plant from soil diseases
  • Accelerates the take-up of feed
  • Outstanding plant food for weed plants
  • Available in bottle sizes 100 ml and 500 ml
  • Quality product from Plagron

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are highly specialized protein molecules that are produced by fungi and bacteria. They act as accelerator (catalyst) of many biochemical processes in which molecules are converted.

By using Pure Zym cellulose and pectin groups of dead plant parts, such as roots, accelerated down very fast. They release many nutrients for the micro life and plant.

Because the roots are supplied with nutrients from the surrounding micro life it gives encouragement of the micro life in the root environment by increased capacity of the plant. The micro-life increases the recording surface of the roots. A good root system has many young growth points. It is precisely in these growth points that there are elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron included. In addition, the micro life gives protection against attacks by pathogens.

Essential for the Cannabis Plant

This enzyme preparation is really indispensable for modern cultivation. By using Pure Zym you will ensure that the initial cultivation period goes well. The initial phase is vital because it lays the foundation for growth and flowering. Pure Zym therefore influences the ultimate end result of the cultivation. Ensure optimal care for your cannabis plant with this valuable product from Plagron.

Obtainable in 100 ml or 500 ml

If you’re interested in Pure Zym plant feed from Plagron, you can choose from two bottles. Are you planning to use Pure Zym in an optimum way and for several cultivation sessions. Then obviously you should opt for the 500 ml bottle. It’s also more economical to buy the 500 ml than the 100 ml. Are you only thinking of using Pure Zym for a necessary intervention? In that case, the 100 ml bottle is probably enough for you.


  • 100 ml
  • 500 ml


1 to 1000, 1 ml solution in 1 liter of water.


This solution gives you the first 5 weeks. You can also continue using the weed feed after that. Use Pure Zym each time you water.

Shelf life:

Unopened products have a shelf life of 4 years. Check the shelf life based on the batch number on the packaging. Have you opened a product? Then it has a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months.


4% Cellulase enzymes.


Plagron has been producing a wide assortment of high-quality substrates, base fertilizers and additives for many years. The company is one of the market leaders for more than 25 years. Plagron products are intended for many kinds of breeders and guarantee excellent breeding performances.

SKU G-0448-0575
Brand Plagron
Content 100 ml - 500 ml
Substrate / Medium Soil
Suitable for organic grow? No
Composition Liquid
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Pure Zym (Plagron)

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