Grow Box & Growing Accessories

Are you growing weed and on the look-out for handy accessories? You can find everything you need here. Whether it be a nice growing cabinet for weed or a weed microscope: we have everything for the amateur grower. Check out our range and get to know all the growing accessories on the various pages.

When you grow weed, you’re not just getting a great harvest. It’s also enormous fun to do. Provided you have the right growing accessories. And these are waiting for you at Dutch Headshop. Read more about our extensive range.

Cultivating Your Own Weed with Growing Accessories

Weed can be grown in many different ways. You can grow it yourself in the garden. Or grow it indoors under lamps, or safely and discreetly in a nice growbox. But however you go about it, growing accessories are very important. In addition to our extensive range of nutrients for weed, you will also find all kinds of handy tools for use in the growing area. Here’s a preview from our range of cultivation accessories:

  • Grow Box: the Minigrow Growbox
  • Propagator
  • Cannabis Drying Net
  • pH-meters
  • Cannabis cutters
  • Weed Microscope
  • Carbon Filter for Weed (Minigrow)
  • Handy measuring cups and pipettes
  • iGrowCan Grow Kit
  • Cannabis Nutrients starter sets
  • Soil Improvers
  • Substrate and Medium

Various Cultivation Accessories

You can use all our weed accessories for different phases of weed cultivation. For example, use a propagator for germinating weed seeds, and substrates or a handy medium for taking care of the seedlings. You can then grow weed conveniently yourself in a high-quality grow box or an iGrowCan. When you’re nearly ready to harvest, you can examine your lovely plant properly with a weed microscope. All handy tools for making it easier for you to grow your own weed.

There is one cultivation accessory that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is, of course, the Minigrow Growbox. It’s the only accessory you need. Once you’ve got hold of one of these weed grow boxes, all you have to do is give water and fertilizers to your plant.

MiniGrow Grow Box

Are you someone who doesn’t fancy all the difficulties involved in growing weed outside, or who doesn’t want a growing area in the house? If so, then the Minigrow Growbox is an excellent solution. With the best grow box for weed you are spared all the problems: no high energy costs, no odour nuisance, the best lighting, fireproof, no obtrusive growing area and no noise nuisance. You’ll have a sweet harvest in the shortest possible time with the MiniGrow Growbox. The modestly sized, unobtrusive weed grow box is capable of growing 50 grammes of weed in around 12 weeks. The growbox is equipped with the latest technologies so you can have a high-quality growing space at home in one fell swoop. All you still need to do is the watering.

The Best Weed Grow Box

Without doubt, the best weed grow box is the Minigrow. To give you some idea of the possibilities, we have listed the advantages of this high-quality growbox for you at a glance:

  • Very small weed grow box: fits anywhere in the house
  • Best quality LED grow lamps
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Quiet and unobtrusive
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Suitable for novice growers
  • Fireproof (UL-94HB fire-resistance standard)
  • Shutdown protection in case of excess temperature
  • Pre-programmed growing schedules
  • Inclusive drying function
  • Carbon filter to counter odour nuisance
  • CE-approved in accordance with IEC-60335 standard, the strictest domestic standard
  • Rapid return on investment
  • 2-year guarantee

All these features make growing your own weed really simple. It’s an investment that you’ll easily get back when you work out your harvest in terms of value. In short: do you want to buy the best weed grow box? If so, go for the MiniGrow Growbox and grow like a pro.

The Best Weed Fertilizers

As well as our fantastic weed grow box and cultivation accessories, we also carry a huge range of plant nutrients for our amateur growers. Do you need weed nutrients for growing or flowering? Germinating weed seeds with plant boosters? Powerful final weeks with flower stimulators? We’ve got them all in our seedshop. Visit the various categories for germinating, grow nutrients, flower fertilizers and special weed fertilizers. We carry the best nutrients from brands like Plagron and BAC. These will enable you to give your weed plants all they need. Got everything you need? Start off growing your own weed using the cultivation accessories on this page.

Have you got any questions about the MiniGrow Growbox? Features of the weed grow box? Explanation about weed accessories? Don’t hesitate to consult our customer service!