Glass Ice Bong (Eject-a-Bowl) 18 cm

Glass Ice Bong (Eject-a-Bowl) 18 cm
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Need a glass bong? Then go for the Glass Ice Bong Ejector 18, a smaller model of the glass pipe "Eject-a-Bowl". Be careful, as the bottom is spherical. The top is slightly bent, which helps to smoke. Thanks to the Ice Catcher that comes with this water pipe, you can fill the top with ice cubes. The bong has a height of 18 cm, the glass is 4 mm thick and the Eject-a-bowl has a length of 11 cm. A beautiful design!

Eject a Bowl


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Glass Bong

The Ejector Ice Bong 18 is the small glass bong version of "Eject-a-Bowl". The bottom of the water pipe is spherical and the top of the pipe is slightly curved so that it can be used easily. The mouthpiece is finished all-round and the supplied (eject a) bowl can also be used separately.

How does an Eject-a-Bowl system work?

Using Eject-a-Bowl’s special bong head, all the awkwardness associated with a normal bong disappears at a stroke. While smoking, you can push the bong head down slightly to regulate the air supply. In this way, you can inhale as much as you want. After each hit, you can push the Eject-a-Bowl down a bit further to allow the top layer of ash to fall out of the bowl, leaving you with just fresh smoking material. At the end of your bong session you push the bowl fully in to make everything drop out. This prevents dirt from getting stuck and you can begin a new session straight away. Oh, and by the way... thanks to the conical rubber adaptor, it fits almost any bong! Thinking of buying an Eject-a-Bowl? If so, you can use it on all your bongs. Cleaner, easier and finer smoking!

The glass bong comes with a matching coloured Eject-a-Bowl. Bowl design may differ from the version shown in the picture.

Benefits of the Eject-a-Bowl Bong:

  • Nice design with a fine finish
  • Appropriate Eject-a-Bowl
  • Including Ice Catcher

Ice Catcher

These glass bongs are provided with Ice Catchers (Ice-holders). You can fill the top of the bong with ice cubes. The ice cubes remain above the bong thanks to the Ice Catchers. The bong can be still filled with water. It is not necessary to fill the bong with ice cubes, it’s optional. When used with ice cubes, the smoke is cool(er) and the taste is gentler on the throat.

Properties of the Glass Ice Bong Ejector 18

  • Height: 18 cm
  • Thickness: 4 mm
  • Mouthpiece diameter: Ø 3.5 cm
  • Length of Eject-a-Bowl: 11 cm

The bong is packed in bubble wrap in a sturdy box which protects the bong during transport.

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Additional Information
AvailabilityIn Stock
BrandEject a Bowl
Suitable forWeed / Dry Herbs
Bong Height11 - 20 cm
Bong Diameter4 - 6 cm
Ice BongYes
Percolator / FilterNo
Bong Grind / FittingDownstem / Chillum
Lift-Off BowlYes
Extra InfoEject-a-Bowl system

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