Dugout Pipe 'Swivel' | One Hitter Cigarette

Dugout Pipe 'Swivel' | One Hitter Cigarette

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Are you already familiar with the Dugout Weed Pipe? An elegant teak wood ‘box’ in which is hidden a lovely One Hitter. Fill the special compartment in the Dugout Pipe with a tasty weed before use. Turn the top when you feel like a drag and the One Hitter appears. Tap the bottom with your One Hitter a couple of times and start smoking! In this way you can enjoy a smoke all day for very little effort. Take your Dugout Pipe including One Hitter out with you just once and you won’t want to be without it. 

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Dugout Weed Pipe made from Teak Wood

This elegant smoking device, called a Dugout Pipe, is for pot smokers who like to have a drag wherever and whenever it suits them. The teak wood box is a disguise for a handy weed pipe from which you can always grab a drag. The One Hitter is really simple to fill by tapping it a number of times on the bottom of your weed-filled Dugout Pipe. This model features a convenient swivel cap that opens easily. The interior spring makes your One Hitter jump slightly up when you open it. You can even operate the Dugout Pipe with 1 hand!

Cigarette One Hitter

The One Hitter in this Dugout Pipe has the appearance of an ordinary cigarette. It’s 8 cm long and goes in your mouth just like a fag or joint. It’s easy to clean with a small Pipe Cleaner. You can find these in the recommended products on this page. View the clip at the bottom of the page for more details on the Dugout Pipe.


  • Dugout Pipe made from teak wood
  • Includes One Hitter in the form of a cigarette
  • Special compartment for weed storage
  • Handy swivel cap
  • The best smoking device when travelling
  • Size of Dugout Pipe: 10 x 4.5 cm
  • Size of One Hitter: 8 cm
SKU 2003
GTIN 9300012602454
Availability In Stock
Brand Merkloos
Dimensions 10 x 4.5 cm
Material Teak
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Dugout Pipe 'Swivel' | One Hitter Cigarette

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