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Dr Dabber Switch Vaporizer

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The Switch from Dr. Dabber is a entire set of firsts. Switch is the world’s first induction vaporizer. Switch is also the first vaporizer that is suitable for Hash (and dry herbs and natural concentrates). Now, finally, there is a vaporizer with which you can vape Hash without any problems! And the Switch is moreover the first vaporizer from Dr. Dabber with which you can vape weed and herbs, just like most other vapes. You can switch between the modes, so you seamlessly transition from dabbing (concentrates) to weed or herbs with no difficulty. Do we sound enthusiastic? We should because we are incredibly enthusiastic! Have a quick read of the product description to see why we are are so enthusiastic about the Switch!

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It could have been made by NASA. This technological tour de force is finished with great attention. You notice that not only in the way it works and the enormous clouds the Switch creates, but also in the seamless manner in which everything clicks together. A quick list now of the plus points of the Dr. Dabber Switch:

  • The world’s first Induction vaporizer
  • Reaches temperature at lightning speed
  • Suitable for hash!
  • Suitable for dabbing concentrates
  • Suitable for weed
  • Suitable for herbs
  • Sleek design and magnificently finished

Dr. Dabber Switch: The First Induction Vaporizer

Let’s investigate the way in which the Dr. Dabber Switch works. This is an induction vaporizer, which immediately differentiates it from most other vaporizers. The heat necessary to vapourize is achieved by means of an electromagnetic coil. Think about an induction hob, for example. That has some important advantages over conduction and convection vaporizers.

The temperature range extends from a moderate 150 °C up to a ridiculously hot 425 °C. No other vaporizer in our assortment equals this temperature range. Moreover, even the highest temperature is reached within a few seconds. Though we have to admit that you cannot adjust the temperature in degrees. There are 25 heating profiles from which you can choose, which makes vaping all possible herbs or concentrates really simple.

The heating element is separated from the place where you put in your herbs or concentrates. That is handy because then everything can be kept clean easily and consequently this vaporizer is suitable for Hash.

Size: 23,9 x 10,2 cm

Suitable for Hash, Concentrates, Weed and Extracts!

The Switch makes short work of the question: ‘Can I also put ... in my vaporizer?’ Finally, a vaporizer which does everything*. Including hash! This is the first vaporizer on the market with which you can perfectly vape hash. That’s because the Switch can clean itself and the entire cup is removable. This means you can thoroughly clean the cup without making the whole vaporizer irreparably dirty. That’s why this unique feature is something that you shouldn’t do with other vaporizers.

What can you vape with the Dr. Dabber Switch?

  • Hash - One of the few vaporizers which can do this.
  • Weed - Vape your favourite strain, no problem.
  • All Dabs: waxes, concentrates and extracts (Rosin, Shatter, Wax, Crumble, BHO extractions, Distillate, Taffy, Sauce, Crystalline, THC Diamonds). (And we’ve left out a load more exciting names).
  • Not only cannabis but all Herbs with a vapourizing temperature of 150° C to 425° C (!). Valerian, Hop, Chamomile, but also (smart) drugs like Salvia and much more ;).

* Comment: You cannot vape e-liquids, CBD oil or weed oil with any vaporizer. For e-liquids you use an e-cigarette. CBD oil and weed oil (on base oil) are dripped under the tongue. You can, though, vape CBD dabs or crumble with this vaporizer.

Pyrolysis - No combustion

Pyrolysis is a fancy word for the separation of substances through high temperature. The Switch has the reputation that dry herbs are especially dark after vaping. Note that this is not combustion - that is impossible without the presence of oxygen. The Switch is hermetically sealed and can therefore only vapourize to the maximum; not incinerate.

Vaporizer with Battery

It might perhaps surprise you but the Switch is a vaporizer with a battery. And it’s very energy-efficient. So efficient that you can take at least 100 drags before you need to recharge it. Consequently you don’t need to keep this vaporizer hanging from the cable in order to use it. Although you can! The Switch has a so-called pass-through charger which means you can charge and keep on using it all at the same time. It takes an hour to charge it completely.

The battery type is a new generation LiFePo4 battery - the safest battery that you can buy at the moment.

Light on or Light off?

It’s your choice: You can choose from 36 colourful lighting profiles which make the Switch into a kind of modern lava lamp. But you can also opt to set it in stealth mode. This extinguishes the fancy lighting and makes the Switch a lot less conspicuous.

How do you Use the Dr. Dabber Switch?

For Dry Herbs:

  • Turn the Switch off.
  • Put a bit of water in the bubbler.
  • Put the herbs in the white ceramic cup and press firmly. There’s room for about 0.35 grammes in the cup.
  • Place the cup in the glass top and seal it with the ceramic filter with the feet upwards.
  • Now attach the bubbler to the Switch.
  • Set the switch on the Switch to the ‘leaf’ position.
  • Adjust the power with the plus/minus buttons. 1 green LED is maximum taste. 5 green LEDs is maximum vapour production.
  • Press the ‘Go’ button and place the carb cap on the bubbler.
  • Red LEDs indicate that the Switch has come up to temperature. Green indicates that it’s ready for use.
  • Inhale within 15 seconds. After that, the Switch automatically cools down, indicated by blue LEDs.

For Concentrates, Dabs and Hash:

  • Turn the Switch off.
  • Put a bit of water in the bubbler.
  • Put the concentrate in the black ceramic cup.
  • Place the cup in the glass top.
  • Attach the bubbler to the Switch.
  • Set the switch to the ‘oil’ position.
  • Press the ‘Go’ button.
  • Adjust the power with the plus/minus buttons. 1 yellow LED is maximum taste. 5 yellow LEDs is maximum vapour production.
  • Red LEDs indicate that the Switch has come up to temperature. Green indicates that it’s ready for use.
  • Turn the loading tool to the empty nail, place carb cap.
  • Inhale within 20 seconds. After that, the Switch automatically cools down, indicated by blue LEDs.

As well as the modes described above for herbs and concentrates, the Switch also has an advanced mode with 25 presets for the advanced user. The advanced oil/concentrates presets are optimised for faster and more efficient hits, while the advanced dry herb presets are optimised for slow hits with an even temperature in the cup.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s important to keep your vaporizer clean so as to extend its working life and keep your vapour sweet. The Switch has a self-cleaning function where you keep it at high temperature briefly and the sticky residue can be easily removed. Give the glass components and the cup a clean with ethyl alcohol and your ready to go again!

Box Content

  • Dr. Dabber Switch
  • Glass water bubbler
  • Battery
  • 1 black ceramic cup for weed and dry herbs
  • 1 white ceramic cup for hasj and concentrates
  • Carb cap with ring
  • Silicone dab / oil jar
  • Filling aid
  • Tweezers
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Dr. Buying the Dabber Switch in the Netherlands

You can buy this American top vaporizer with induction at Dutch Headshop! Is the Dr. Dabber Switch worth it? With this rich set of features, enormous battery life and the fact that the Switch is suitable for so many different forms of cannabis, the Switch is undoubtedly one of the most popular vapes of the moment.

Dr. Dabber

The search for the ultimate method of vaping didn’t get resolved overnight. The American team behind these high-end products researched the pen vaporizer for years to come up with the perfect way of vaping unobtrusively. The Dr. Dabber Aurora and Boost won numerous prizes and the Switch was the world’s first induction vaporizer. Dr. Dabber makes vaporizers which are simple to use and always ready to give you powerful hits.

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Availability Out of stock
Brand Dr. Dabber
Method Induction
Inhale Direct
Temperature Adjustable
Adjustable airflow No
Highest temperature 425
Lowest temperature 150
Heat-up Time 10
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge 15-20 Sessions
Oven Volume 0.40
Oven material Ceramic
Smartphone App? Yes
Auto switch off Yes
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