Chaga Mushroom Extract [Inonotus Obliquus] (The Mushroomist)

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Feel comfortable in your own skin, with Chaga Mushroom Extract from The Mushroomist. Chaga is chock-full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals so you can give your body and mind a well-deserved boost in stressful situations. Chaga Mushroom Extract is made from freshly harvested Chaga mushrooms from the Finnish forests and you can of course purchase this product directly at the Dutch-Headshop. Chaga mushroom extract from The Mushroomist is available in sturdy bottles of 30, 50 and 100 ml.

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Discover the chaga mushroom. Fresh and sustainably harvested from Finland's beautiful forests, The Mushroomist brings you a delicious Chaga Mushroom Extract tincture. The fungus belongs to the group of mushrooms with most antioxidants. For this reason, Chaga is a star in fighting free radicals, but Chaga is also known for its vitamins, minerals and phenols so you feel healthy and at ease.

  • Increase your focus and productivity
  • Helps to feel better
  • High concentration of betulinic acid and polysaccharides
  • Perfect in case of stressful situations
  • Prepare with fresh, organic ingredients and sweet and tasty maple syrup

Distribution and effect of the Chaga Mushroom

The chaga mushroom is found mainly as parasitic growth on birch trees in the high north. In nature, chaga kind of eats the tree on which it grows. Chaga looks like a charred piece of wood, but do not let this unattractive appearance deceive you.

In Russia and Northern Europe chaga was already used in the 16th century for its beneficial properties. The chaga mushroom was thought to help against all sorts of physical and mental ailments and therefore this mushroom acquired the nickname "The Diamond of the Forest ". Chaga is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phenols and enzymes, because of which the diamond of the forest is perfect for the preparation of a powerful tea or tincture.

That is exactly what The Mushroomist does. The Mushroomist enters the Finnish birch forests all on its own, to manually select only the best chaga mushrooms for making fine tinctures. Obviously, harvesting this fungus is done in a sustainable way.

Chaga Mushroom Extract by the Mushroomist

The Mushroomist has done everything to put a broad spectrum of active chaga ingredients in the jar. The mushrooms are harvested in a sustainable, high-tech manner and extracted immediately. The extraction is done in three different ways, so no active substances are lost. After that, the extract is dissolved in 20% alcohol to obtain a super-strong tincture. To make the strong taste pleasant, delicious sweet maple syrup is diluted with sweet maple syrup.

Dosage and contents of Chaga Mushroom Extract

Use 15 drops of Chaga Mushroom Extract, up to 3 times a day. Please stick to this dosage. A glass jar of Chaga Mushroom Extract from The Mushroomist contains 30 ml Chaga tincture. A glass jar of Chaga Mushroom Extract from The Mushroomist contains 30, 50 or 100 ml Chaga tincture. 30 ml Chaga mushroom extract is perfect to try out or bring it on your journey. The bigger the bottle, the more you save.

Benefits of The Mushroomist's extracts

  • Produced in harmony with nature
  • Full-spectrum extract of fresh mushrooms
  • Easily absorbed by the body
  • Strong extract: 1 pipette roughly equals 3 cups of mushroom tea
  • Made of the best organic ingredients


50% Inonotus obliquus liquid extract, Maple syrup.

Alc. 20% vol.

About The Mushroomist

The Mushroomist integrates ancient knowledge in our modern society by offering natural products that we have forgotten through the ravages of time. By making these delicious tinctures with Reishi, Chaga and Lion's Mane available on the market, you can feel the power of mushrooms you normally only encounter deep inside the world's forests.

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