Stichting Mediwiet CBD Oil

Mediweed is a word that was dreamed up by Wernard Bruining in 1994. Since then, medicinal cannabis has been known as Mediweed. Bruining is the founder of Stichting Mediwiet, an organisation that wants to enable everyone to look after themselves with medicinal weed oil without having to get high from it. Get to know the self-care products from Mediwiet!

Mediweed CBD oil – the first in the Netherlands! Although you can’t now imagine pharmacies or web shops without CBD oil, this kind of cannabis oil has only been on sale for a relatively short time. Stichting Mediwiet has been producing Golyoli since 2013. It’s a mild CBD oil designed for self-care.

The Mediweed Formula

  • Mild CBD oil
  • Ideally suited to medicinal use
  • Sustainably produced
  • Olive oil used as the base oil

Hemp is Normal

Less than a hundred years ago, you could get cannabis products in the chemist’s shop or pharmacy. But suddenly in 1937 cannabis became a forbidden word. All the products made from industrial hemp plants were made illegal all at once. It was the start of the West’s ‘War on Drugs’.

Luckily, science is gradually overcoming the political game. Stichting Mediwiet’s approach is to normalise the hemp plant and its products again, supported by scientific research. Hemp is actually an extremely versatile plant. Apart from CBD oil for self-care, hemp produces thousands of other products. Even plastics and synthetics can be produced sustainably and in an ecologically responsible way!

Wernard Bruining

When talking about the ‘War on Drugs’, we need to mention who’s been labouring away in the proverbial trenches. Wernard Bruining is a true pioneer when it comes to cannabis and hemp plant products. From 1973, Bruining was the owner of Mellow Yellow, which was Amsterdam’s first coffee shop Then from 1985, he was the owner of Positronics, Europe’s first grow shop.

Weed Oil from Stichting Mediwiet

In the beginning of the 1990s, Wernard Bruining introduced the word mediweed. Mediweed was synonymous with weed that was used specifically for medicinal purposes. At first, weed (the flower buds of the cannabis plant) and later on extracts as well. One of the important properties of Bruining’s extracts is the low THC percentage.

Stichting Mediwiet began by introducing weed oil, which is also known as THC oil. The THC percentage of this oil can be (far) above 0.05%. But the law does not allow this to be sold. You are therefore not allowed to purchase THC oil. One of THC’s properties is that it can make you high.

This weed oil is somewhat different from the CBD oil and Golyoli that are legally on sale. When oil has less than 0.05% THC in it, we refer to it as CBD oil. This is the oil which you can now find on offer in practically every pharmacy and in our web shop. 

What makes the CBD oil in our webshop unique? All the oils are checked for their restricted THC value. You cannot, therefore, get high from the CBD oils in our range.

About Stichting Mediwiet

In addition to selling its patented Golyoli CBD oil, Stichting Mediwiet also supplies other products, including Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Tea and Salve. You can find all these cool products in this category. One very special product is the Cannolator. This is a comprehensive piece of kit with which you can make your own weed oil. You can read how it works in this article.

Stichting Mediwiet also organises courses in how to make weed oil for personal use with the Cannolator. Everyone at Dutch Headshop has obtained a certificate in the making of weed oil. Would you too be interested in honing your skills? If so, then spend an afternoon on a Cannolator course in Haarlem and earn your own weed oil certificate!