Jacob Hooy

Jacob Hooy has grown from a small herbal stall to a reputable company in the world of CBD. The company supplies quality products made from naturally grown Dutch fiber hemp. A large range of CBD products provides an extensive choice. CBD oils, capsules and care producats from Jacob Hooy are naturally available at Dutch-Headshop Pick your favorite product!

About Jacob Hooy

Jacob Hooy opened in 1743. Jacob Hooy started as a herb stand on the nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. The company sold all kinds of herbs and spices here. Nowadays the wholesale of Jacob Hooy is located in Limmen. There is a herbal warehouse with a large assortment of products that have a beneficial effect on health. 


Jacob Hooy has over time delved deeply in the plant world and discovered the natural strength of hemp. The company then focused on producing CBD products. To deliver high-quality products, Jacob Hooy uses natural Dutch fiber hemp. This resulted in beautiful products such as CBD oils, capsules and creams.

Properties Jacob Hooy Products

  • Produced from naturally grown Dutch fiber hemp
  • Hundreds of years of experience with producing
  • Large product range for different CBD users.
  • Combination of multiple Jacob Hooy products is possible


Dutch-Headshop has some good CBD oils from Jacob Hooy in the assortment. CBD oil from Jacob Hooy is produced from 100% natural Dutch fiber hemp. The base oil for CBD oil of Jacob Hooy is hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains many healthy nutrients like Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. CBD oil from Jacob Hooy has a beneficial influence on health. Naturally the CBD oils are available in different strengths and quantities as well.


Take CBD in an easy way with CBD capsules from Jacob Hooy. The capsules consist of hemp seed oil and dissolved cannabinoids that have a beneficial effect on body and mind. A big advantage of a capsule is that it is taste- and scentless and contains a fixed quantity of CBD. The capsules are easy to take with a glass of water or fruit juice.

Skin care

Problems with the skin can be dealt with in a good way with care products from Jacob Hooy. Most of the Jacob Hooy products for skin care soften and hydrate the skin. Provide your skin with healthy and natural ingredients to let the skin shine again. In addition, the care products all contain a small amount of CBD and no chemical or other harmful substances. 


Jacob Hooy can proudly call himself Royal Purveyor. In 1815 this predicate was issued by the Dutch State to Jacob Hooy. The award was at that time awarded by the Queen and it is one of the oldest honors. A justified reward for years of hard work, craftsmanship and delivery of quality.