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Cibdol will be discontinued and to celebrate, we will give a discount of no less than 40% as long as stocks last on all products of the CIBDOL brand. So if you are a Fan and want to build up a stock then this is the time to strike.

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About Cibdol

Cibdol has been producing pure Swiss products for many years. The company is located at the foot of the Alps, and supplies all kinds of CBD products of premium quality. Healthy and natural ingredients form the basis of Cibdol's products. With 100% organic raw materials and pure cannabinoid extraction methods, Cibdol aims to improve the company and discover new methods for bringing the power of CBD to the people. During and after its production process, products are extensively tested in labs to ensure the quality of your CBD products.


Cibdol is active in the world of CBD and the company constantly seeks to innovate. Cibdol not only produces CBD oils, they also produce capsules and creams. This way Cibdol offers you the option to use CBD in different ways. Cibdol has even set up a subsidiary with Cibapet. Cibapet produces CBD oils and tablets, specifically for dogs and other pets.

Characteristics of Cibdol Products

  • Grown and produced with the utmost care.
  • Large product range, for different CBD users.
  • Made of 100% naturally grown industrial hemp.
  • Products are extensively tested in laboratories.


CBD oil from Cibdol is known for its purity and benefits to the general health. The oils are made from 100% naturally grown industrial hemp. Furthermore, all CBD oils are completely free of chemical substances, thanks to the cold CO2 extraction process used to extract the CBD. CBD oil from Cibdol is available in handy pipette bottles of 10 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml. Cibdol takes into account your needs. CBD oil from Cibdol can be found in different strengths: 2.5%, 4%, 10% and 20%.


Another type of product Cibdol invested a lot of time, knowledge and energy in, are CBD capsules. Capsules have a number of advantages over CBD oil. Each capsule contains a fixed amount of CBD, so you know exactly how much CBD you consume. Besides, they are easy to take in with a glass of water or fruit juice. The capsules consist of 100% natural ingredients. Olive oil and CBD form the basis for the capsules.


And to conclude, there are Cibdol creams. Nourishing creams, all having a beneficial effect on the skin. Naturally, each of these creams have their own function. The creams are purely made of natural ingredients, no chemicals or other harmful substances were added. With the easily spreadable creams from Cibdol you will treat your skin in an optimal way.


Besides the successful CBD products, Cibdol also launched a new brand with unique products. Cibapet is completely specialized in CBD products for pets. There are CBD tablets and CBD oils for dogs and cats. These products also consist of natural ingredients only. The power of hemp is combined with important vitamins and nutrients for dogs and cats. The products are recommended by no one else than Martin Gaus and his daughter Sacha.


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