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Our CBD brands are the brands we know and love. In our range you will find the following respected CBD brands:

Not only do these top brands offer CBD Oil, but also a whole range of diverse CBD products. From mild shampoos and caring CBD Cream to easy-to-take CBD Capsules.

Introducing our CBD Brands

We assess internally our CBD brands for a number of qualities before we offer them in our webshop. One of the requirements we set our CBD brands at Dutch Headshop is a transparent production process. Hemplife, Medihemp, Stichting Mediwiet and Hemptouch are all brands we work closely with. We want to know all about them. Where the hemp originates, which parties analyse the hemp and the CBD extracts, what they contain and, of course, what they don’t contain. The prize for the highest transparency in the production process goes to Hemplife. Read in this category everything we know about what goes on behind the scenes. You’ll be surprised!

Other CBD brands may be suggestions from our regular customers. Jacob Hooy and Endoca are good examples of these. These producers are big players in the Netherlands and Denmark and the demand for Jacob Hooy CBD is very high. Whereas CBD was once an obscure product and Dutch Headshop was one of the few providers with CBD in its range, nowadays you often see CBD in retail shops. There are more CBD brands on the market than ever before. But we have become even more selective. We want to bring you only the best CBD.

Which CBD Oil is the Best?

Which CBD oil is the best depends really on what you’re looking for. In the first place, it’s important to establish what strength of CBD you want to buy. Are you looking for a good oil to begin with? If so, then opt for a 5% strength oil as this is the perfect percentage for becoming acquainted with the natural power of CBD. In most cases, you can raise or lower the strength without having to switch brands. You can often halve or double the dose by taking an oil that is half or double the strength. CBD oil is available from 1% strength.

The Strongest CBD

At the other end of the spectrum is the strongest CBD oil at 20%. Hemplife CBD Oil 20% undoubtedly belongs to the strongest CBD oils on the market. Endoca and Medihemp also have strong CBD products. How about the 18% strong CBD Oil Raw from Medihemp? An organic, full-spectrum oil lovingly produced in sunny Austria. Or the 15% strength Raw CBD capsules from Danish manufacturer Endoca. The big plus point of these CBD capsules is that they are tasteless and contain full-spectrum CBD. Are you curious to find out what the strongest product is in our CBD range? Then check out the CBD crystals from Endoca – these contain 99% pure CBD!

Organic Medihemp CBD Oil

Do you want to buy an organic CBD oil? Organic Medihemp CBD Oil is a very good option in that case. These SKAL-certified CBD products are incredibly strictly monitored before they arrive in our shop. Our European Organic can be identified by the green leaf with a border of stars. With Medihemp, you can choose either Raw or Pure oil. Raw means that it’s a full-spectrum product from which other cannabinoids, such as CBDA and CBG, have not been removed. It’s what is known as whole plant extract. Medihemp CBD Oil is also available as a pure variant in which all the CBDA has been converted into CBD using a heating process. CBD Oil 5% Pure is simply pure CBD and fully organic.

Would you like to know more about our brands? Our blogs give you a look behind the scenes:


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