CBDA Tincture (Sana Hemp Juice) 500mg 1,8% 30ml

CBDA Tincture (Sana Hemp Juice) 500mg 1,8% 30ml
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A delicious tincture of Sana Hemp Juice with CBD-A. Made from 100% raw hemp juice. It furthermore contains the full spectrum of essential nutrients, with as big advantage the large amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from the leaves and buds of the legal, industrial adult hemp plant.
Sana Hemp Juice


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You think CBDA is the right cannabinoid for you? Then consider this completely new product which contains precisely this acid form of CBD. A product containing ~ 500mg CBDA!

Sana Hemp Juice Tincture

  • 100% pure tincture made of fiber hemp
  • Drip below the tongue or take in with water or juice
  • Free of allergens
  • Only contains CBDA
  • 30 grams bottle
  • of 500mg

Taking in CBDA
Many people have questions about ingesting the oil. This because of the taste. This tincture can be ingested in its "pure" form, below the tongue, but can also be taken in with ¼ glass of water or juice. This makes it easier to tolerate the taste, if you don't find the CBD oil so appetizing.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell much about the effects of CBDA in the body. Simply because little research has been done. But we can tell you what CBDA is! CBDA is the original acid form of CBD. This CBDA is transformed through heating in CBD. In cold-pressed oils CBDA is often present, though in small quantities and often together together with CBD.

This new Sana Hemp Juice product only contains this acid form of CBD: CBDA. It was found that people who switch between oils benefit more from oil containing CBDA. So now it is possible to directly consume this original cannabinoid.

Dosage and use
Recommend is to take it in one time per day at breakfast. You can drip 3 to 6 drops under the tongue (just as with ordinary oil) or put the drops in a ¼ glass of water or juice. This you can simply drink it. Store the tincture in a dry and cool place.

Sana Hemp Juice
Sana Hemp Juice is a Dutch company that specializes in CBDA products. Apart from this tincture, there are also CBDA tablets. The used fiber hemp is grown on arable fields in Groningen. So it's a pure Dutch product! The hemp is grown organically.

Package Contents

  • 1 bottle of 30 grams with about 500mg CBDA tincture

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Additional Information
EAN 8719326072128
Merk Sana Hemp Juice
CBD Waarde 1,5%
CBD inhoud 500 mg
Composition Tincture
Basisolie Hennepzaadolie
Inhoud 30ml
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