CBD Crystals (Endoca) 99% 500 mg Pure CBD

CBD Crystals (Endoca) 99% 500 mg Pure CBD
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Discover what this pure CBD in the form of crystals can for you. It contains 500mg of CBD and no added hemp seed oil. We really talk about pure natural CBD. This makes CBD crystals also suitable for use in a vaporizer! A box contains 500mg of pure CBD crystals. These crystals are made of the premium quality hemp and they are also organically grown. One can also consume it as food. Critical CO2 extraction is used and everything is thoroughly tested.


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Pure CBD in crystal form with 500mg CBD No added hemp seed oil, but of course pure CBD. These CBD crystals are also suitable for use in a vaporizer!

CBD Crystals 99% 500mg, 0.5 gram 500mg

  • Per box 500mg pure CBD crystals.
  • suitable for in a vaporizer.
  • Made of the best quality hemp.
  • The hemp is organically cultivated.
  • Can be consumed as food.
  • Super critical CO2 extraction.
  • Each batch is also tested in an external lab.

Pure CBD in a vaporizer
Finally there is a CBD product that can be used in a vaporizer. Because these Endoca CBD crystals can actually be used in a vaporizer. Make sure though that your vaporizer is equipped with an oil can or liquid pad. The crystals cannot simply be used in any vaporizer.

Dutch-Headshop also tested this in a Volcano digital at 170 degrees. About 0.15 grams is needed to fill a complete balloon. We tested this in our office with three different persons. The effect of the direct uptake of CBD by the body was directly noticeable by these testers.

500mg pure CBD crystals
Whereas hemp seed oil is added to the CBD concentrate is case of CBD oils, this is not the case for CBD crystals. The crystals are pure CBD without any additions and 99% pure. If you then inhale this CBD through a vaporizer, you will quickly become aware of its effects.

It is also possible to put the crystals under the tongue. These crystals are then dissolved in the saliva and absorbed by the body through the oral glands.

Many applications are possible.
The applications of this product are manifold.

  • vaporizing CBD,
  • adding CBD to your spliff,
  • adding CBD to your self-made marijuana oil,
  • directly taking in CBD under the tongue. 

Adding CBD to your spliff
When you collect weed for your joint, you can also mix some crystals with it or on top of it. This way you directly add CBD to your joint. Regulating the temperature the CBD will be exposed to, cannot be done as precisely as with a vaporizer, yet the effect is well-noticeable.

Medicinal use cannabis
There are many people that use marijuana or cannabis as a remedy against different symptoms. The marijuana from the coffee shop does however contain a high percentage of THC. We don't sell products with THC, as this is illicit. Yet, it is possible for everyone to make THC oil in an easy way and add CBD to this THC oil.  You make the oil yourself?  Then add pure CBD to the THC oil!

Ever more and better information is available on the internet about the wholesome effects of THC in combination with CBD. It is however difficult to make an oil that contains enough of both types of cannabinoids. Now, this IS possible!  You can make pure THC oil out of cannabis, you can now add pure CBD to obtain an ideal mix of the green power of these cannabinoids.

High quality Endoca CBD products 
Endoca is a Danish family company that has a beautiful mission. At Endoca, the primary focus is to make the healing properties of hemp worldwide available for everyone, through investigation and development. Endoca produces the most beautiful and purest quality CBD oil, and we will never make any concessions to the quality of our CBD products.

To measure is to know
The products are tested per batch in a high tech lab, but that is not everything. Through an external lab all products are subject to another test.  This extra test also shows the direct value that Endoca attaches to the provision of information that should be part of CBD products.

Endoca is:

  • GMP certified
  • HACCP certified
  • 100% natural
  • 100% legal
  • 100% tested on quality

The CBD crystals are delivered in a transparent jar. Each box contains 0.5 grams of pure CBD crystals. At every box a batch number is printed that refers to a summary of the online test results. You can check it 24/7 at Endoca's website. 

It may seem little, 0.5 grams. But as it is pure, you only need little of it. Think about it. Half a gram equals a bottle 5% CBD oil with 500 mg of CBD. 
Warning: Store in a cool and dark place.

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CBD and CBG are special food supplements to which beneficial properties are attributed. Still, it is important to read both the manual and our disclaimer for safe use.

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