Weedmill Metal Grinder Matte 2 Parts 40 mm

Weedmill Metal Grinder Matte 2 Parts 40 mm

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You can put an end to plastic bags with buds. Fill up your Weedmill at the coffeeshop or put your own grown buds in it. The Weedmill grinder is best compared to a stylish metal pepper mill. You grind your weed in the mill and you dose it when necessary. Moreover, the grinder is made of material that prevents everything from sticking. Some Weedmills have been in use for three years without ever having to be cleaned. Go for maximum performance and minimum maintenance. The grinder diameter is 40 mm, but with the extra length of 80 mm, you can fit some big buds in there (up to 5 grams). Oh, and it comes with a one year warranty!

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The Weedmill is a grinder that solves intermediate steps. You take the grinder to the coffee shop, fill it with your favourite weed, grind and dose when and how much you want. Weedmill empty? Off to the coffeeshop! Because you don't need grip bags anymore, you help reducing the use of disposable plastic. But what makes the Weedmill grinder so special?

  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • Made of anodized aircraft aluminium
  • Lightweight and strong: weighs only 112 grams
  • Size: 80 x 40 mm
  • Provides 5 grams of storage for your favorite weed
  • Non-sticky; cleaning is a luxury and not a necessity
  • Easy dosing of your weed
  • No plastic bags or sticky fingers: fill your grinder and dose directly into your joint or vaporizer
  • One year warranty from manufacturer

Weed Grinder

This grinder is particularly suitable for grinding weed. Grinding is necessary to make your weed airy and to guarantee optimum smokeability. By doing so you increase the surface area of your weed, allowing air to flow freely past the THC and other substances inside. This improves both the taste and the effect! 

How to use the Weedmill?

The Weedmill is indeed as simple as a pepper mill. 

  1. Remove twigs
  2. Fill the storage space
  3. Grind it up
  4. Open the bottom disc, dose and close

The Weedmill is available in different colours. Which one do you prefer?

About the Weedmill Grinder

During his graduation as an engineer, the designer was at home with a knee injury and wondered if there wasn't a pepper mill specially designed for weed. Indeed, there was no such thing yet. After piles of sketching, building and testing, suddenly there was the Weedmill; the non-stick weed grinder that makes the blower's life easy.

Sticky grinders are caused by the resin in your weed sticking to certain surfaces. Therefore, the Weedmill is made of a special material: anodized aircraft aluminum. Sounds luxurious. And it is! That's why this grinder comes with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer. Not because you make it incredibly dirty and they hose it down for you with a high-pressure cleaner, but on the materials and the mechanism.

SKU G-2440
Brand Weedmill
Material Metal
Grinder Parts 2 parts
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Weedmill Metal Grinder Matte 2 Parts 40 mm

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