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Following the original Focusvape’s success, we didn’t want to keep you waiting long for the improved version. The Focusvape Pro S allows you to set the temperature by degree between 80 and 240 degrees Celsius rather than just six presets. Besides that, the ceramic heating chamber has been updated to give even faster warm-up and the Pro S has an OLED display. The most noticeable improvement is of course the look. The Focusvape’s silicone coating has been replaced in the Pro S by a sturdy aluminium housing. In summary: the Focusvape Pro S is in many respects superior to Dutch-Headshop’s best-selling vaporizer.

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If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer with an exceptional combination of price and quality, then look no further than the Focusvape Pro S. Outstanding performance and top-quality vapor in a compact unit which is built like a tank. That is the Focusvape Pro S in all its glory.

FocusVape Pro S:

  • Compact pen with aluminium housing
  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • Adjustable air intake
  • Warms up within 20 to 30 seconds (depending on the temperature setting)
  • Continuously adjustable
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Vibration alarms
  • 2-button operation
  • Replaceable 3200 mAh battery
  • Size: 17,2 x 2,3 cm

Stylish Housing

The Pro S aluminium housing oozes luxury and feels solid. The vape is coated with anodised aluminium for a matt finish and comes in various stylish colours. Check out all the various options at the top of the page.

Herbal Chamber and Vapor Quality

What makes the FocusVape Pro S unique in this vaporizer market segment is the combination of features and the vapor quality. This portable vaporizer is fitted with a high-quality ceramic herb chamber and a glass borosilicate vapor duct for impressive vapor production and taste. Remove the mouthpiece to access the deep ceramic chamber with its 0.4 gram capacity.

The airflow is easy to adjust by turning a ring on the housing. Increase the airflow for cooled vapor or restrict the airstream for thicker, vapor with more flavour. Thanks to its improved herb chamber the wait period with the Focusvape is now even less than previously. It’s up and running within 20 seconds for most applications.

Which Herbs can you Vape with the Pro S?

The idea that vaporizers can only be used for weed is nonsense. Other herbs such as Calea zacatechichi (dream herb) (185°C to 200°C), marihuanilla (150°C to 175°C) and muira puama (175°C to 200°C) can be vaped. With its 240°C capability, the FocusVape Pro S is a bit hotter than other vaporizers. That makes it suitable for vaping Salvia Divinorum, for example, which is a powerful hallucinogenic. The active substance in Salvia vaporizes from 238 degrees. With a lot of air and a little patience you will experience the psychedelic effects through vaping.

Easy to Fill

The angled opening of the herb chamber makes filling very easy, and the excess weed or herbs can simply be removed with the provided accessories.

Glass Mouthpiece

The Focusvape Pro S has an attractive glass mouthpiece. This is a big advantage because the vapor's taste is not being influenced in a negative way.

Dutch Headshop’s Best-Selling Vaporizer

The original Focusvape was an runaway success due to its excellent combination of price and quality. We have therefore decided to replace the original Focusvape in our range with its opulent brother: the Pro S. Curious to know the differences with this bestseller? Then read on.

  • Temperature continuously variable (per 1 degree C) - the previous version had six heat settings to choose from
  • The Pro S is slightly smaller than the Focusvape
  • Luxury aluminium housing in several colours replaces a silicone coating
  • Now with a hole for venting the battery
  • Updated ceramic heating chamber: hot within 20 seconds
  • OLED screen: for fast checking the temperature setting, current temperature and battery level
  • Reaches correct temperature quickly: two-button operation in place of just the one button

Vaping is Healthy Smoking

When you use a vaporizer you are not burning any herbs or weed. You are vaporizing at exactly the right temperature. That means no harmful substances like carbon monoxide and tar are being released. Moreover, the glass cools the vapor during inhalation which is particularly pleasant for the throat and airways. Vaporizers are recommended for medicinal applications for good reason. Why would you carry on smoking weed or herbs when you can get this kind of quality at such a keen price? The Focusvape Pro S lowers the threshold for changing over.

One argument often advanced is that vapor doesn’t feel like the smoke from a joint. With the FocusVape Pro S’s adjustable airflow you can decide for yourself how thick or cool the vapor feels.

FocusVape Pro S user instructions

Switch on the Pro S by pressing one of the buttons 3 times in rapid succession. The Focus vibrates and the logo is displayed on the screen. You select the right temperature with the ◄ and ► buttons. Choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. Press the button twice to save your choice.

As you would expect, you can configure the temperature with the same buttons. Press the buttons to adjust in 1 degree steps. Hold the button pressed in to quickly increase the temperature by big steps. The Focusvape will start to heat up immediately and vibrates when the temperature is reached. Breathe in slowly and enjoy!

The Pro S switches off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity. Or you can switch off instantly by holding both buttons for 2 seconds.

Package Contents:

  • Focusvape Pro S Vaporizer
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Samsung 3200 mAh battery
  • Filling tool
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Micro USB cable
  • 3 mouthpiece filters
  • Manual
SKU G-1398
Availability In Stock
Brand iFocus Technology
Method Direct with Heatcup
Inhale Direct
Temperature Adjustable Digital Display
Adjustable airflow Yes
Highest temperature 240
Lowest temperature 80
Heat-up Time 30
Portable Vaporizer Yes
Number of sessions per battery charge 7-10 Sessions
Oven Volume 0.40
Oven material Ceramic
Auto switch off Yes
star star star star star
SUPER Satisfied with customer service, the product arrived in perfect condition and in a short time. Thank you I have found a serious Dutch Head Shop supplier?
Review by G. Mastro

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