Longing for a party? You have enough whipped cream at home? With the whipped cream syringe and related products like nitrous oxide cartridges and N2O crackers, you are fully prepped. Whether you decorate a cake with whipped cream, or fill your pockets with cartridges; with nitrous oxide you get very creative. Watch out though when using nitrous oxide for other applications. Read more about the safe use of nitrous oxide in the disclaimer included with the products.

What is nitrous oxide?

N2O, which is the chemical name of nitrous oxide, is a colorless, odorless gas that is widely used in the food industry. One of its many applications is the frothing of whipped cream. Yet, nitrous oxide is perhaps best known in the medical world. For over two centuries, this gas has been used as an anesthetic. Even a tiny bit already induces a lowering of consciousness. For the patient, everything sounds tinny and far away. Everything also feels a bit far away, therefore less attention is paid to reality.

The effect of laughing gas was first described by scientist James Watt; exactly, the same man after whom the unit for power was named. Nice to tell at a party.

Buying laughing gas

At the Dutch-Headshop you are at the very right place for ordering nitrous oxide cartridges, but also to discover ways for taking the laughing gas out of cartridges. Think of the whipped cream spray or a laughing gas cracker that allow for easy filling of balloons.

Whether you want to fill balloons with laughing gas or want to enrich a pie with a whipped cream; with nitrous oxide products you assure a great party.


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