Banisteriopsis Caapi Trueno Shredded (Indian Elements) 50 grams

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Banisteriopsis caapi is better known as the ayahuasca vine  and is one of the two constituents of the psyschedelic brew. This is the best known species; Caapi Trueno. Around the Amazon they make a kind of medicinal and traditional tea from the Banisteriopsis caapi. If you start using this, it will have a particularly strong effect on your body. This is because the product contains a high percentage of natural MAO inhibitors. This root bark is finely cut and a bag contains a total of 50 grams of Banisteriopsis caapi trueno.

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Banisteriopsis caapi trueno cut

The Banisteriopsis caapi is a vine from South America. It is, as you can read all over the internet, one of the main ingredients of ayahuasca. This product itself does not contain DMT, but it makes plants that do contain DMT orally active. Because of legislation we are not allowed to tell you anything more about the preparation of ayahuasca. The ingredients are legally available, but the healing brew from the Amazon is not.

This vine has many names, including ayahuasca vine, but also hoasca, kahi, dápa, mihi, natéma, yagé, nixi honi xuma and pindé. More than 40 varieties are sometimes distinguished. Trueno and Ourinhos are the 2 best known varieties. In the Amazon region, Banisteriopsis caapi is made into a medicinal and traditional tea.

The Trueno variety is translated as "thunder" and its effect is particularly strong. Banisteriopsis caapi has a high percentage of natural MAO inhibitors, including harmine, harmaline and harmalol.


  • Amazonian vine for psychedelic trips
  • Ingredient of Ayahuasca
  • Can be carefully combined with other psychedelics to make the trip last longer*
  • Easy to cook

* May cause nausea or vomiting - make sure to drink plenty of water.


It is said among shamans and witch doctors, that one enters a different state of mind by using Banisteriopsis caapi alone. Much practice and experience is required for this. Usually one adds another plant to the infusion (decoction of plants), which has the psychoactive / visionary DMT or other psychedelics in it. Normally DMT is broken down by enzymes when taken orally and is therefore not psychoactive. Banisteriopsis caapi temporarily deactivates the enzyme, making the DMT psychoactive. Primarily Banisteriopsis caapi takes care of the inhibiting effect and thus the inhibition of the enzyme (monoamine oxidase), making a DMT trip possible.


Ayahuasca is made from at least two different plants. The vine of Banisteriopsis caapi is essential for this hallucinogenic smartdrug. So it's no surprise that Banisteriopsis caapi is very popular among shamans.


Unfortunately we are not allowed to tell you how to make ayahausca. That is against the law. You will have to turn to user experiences that you can find elsewhere on the internet. But beware, ayahuasca is definitely not like magic mushrooms. It takes much longer and vomiting and uncontrolled diarrhea are the norm rather than the exception. We also think it's very important to advise you on the setting - don't use psyschedelic natural products at a crowded party, on the street or with people you don't trust. Make sure a sober tripsitter is present with you.

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Specially for Trip
Composition Root Bark
Brand Indian Spirit
Lineage South America
Effect onset 30-90 min.
Trip duration 4-8 hours
Microdosing recommended No
Potency Very strong
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Banisteriopsis Caapi Trueno Shredded (Indian Elements) 50 grams

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