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Are you fed up with your joint tube getting broken all the time? This metal version from CheekyOne Smokers Club will solve that for you! This sturdy joint tube cannot be broken. At 12 cm long it’s big enough for almost any joint. It’s airtight so you can insert a joint that’s still alight and it will go out, or use it simply to keep your joint fresh. Once sealed, this metal joint tube is 100% odour-free. If it’s dirty you can simply rinse it or put it in the dishwasher. It will then be as good as new and will last for years. Available in different colours. Once bought you’ll never need another!

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Aluminium Joint Tube

The Aluminium Joint Tube from CheekyOne Smoking Club is an asset for any smoker. It cannot be broken and will last for years. You can store your joints in it and they will stay fresh for a long time as it’s airtight. You can also just put lit joints in the tube. They will go out on their own. Once sealed, it’s odour-free and no one will smell your sticky when it’s in the CheekyOne Joint Tube. It’s available in different colours!

The tube is 12 cm long. Thick joints are sure to fit.

Clean Joint Tube

Also really important: you can clean it easily by including it with the dishes, or simply putting it in the dishwasher. It will then be as good as new and won’t smell any more of used joints. The joint tube has a loop on the cap so that you can also use it for a key ring or chain. The cap also serves as a resting place for your joint when you’ve had enough of picking it up. So many advantages… what more could you want?


  • Metal / Aluminium Joint Tube
  • 12 cm long
  • Very robust, won’t break
  • Airtight storage
  • Odour-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used for keyring or chain
  • Cap serves as resting place for joints
  • Available in different colours
SKU G-1732-1733-1734-1735
Brand CheekyOne Smokers Club
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It is certainly better than the plastic version, you don't have the problem with broken lids. But on the first day the o-ring inside the lid broke. Still, it beats the plastic, i say it's worth the money.

Editor Note: "Dear customer, please send a message to our customer service team. Then we look for a solution together. We are happy to hear that you are still satisfied with the joint tube."
Review by BlankSky

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