Partypac Storage Container (Tightpac) 0.06 Liters

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The handy Partypac storage container (Tightvac)! Very strong and made of plastic. The container has a compact, small format which easily fits in your pocket. Ideal for carrying smoking wares such as cigarettes or joints with you. When you do up this storage container, your items are kept moisture-free, odour-free and fresh. Experience for yourself the convenience of the Partypac and order one now!

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Indispensable for the true pleasure-seeker

Sturdy plastic container manufactured by Tight Pac. Because of its shape, the case fits easily in your pocket, making it ideal for carrying your precious belongings or smoking materials. The Party Pac container is indispensable for those who enjoy smoking at the beach, party or festival.

Airtight storage box

The hard plastic case or cocoon has a round shape, so it feels good in your pocket. The Party Pac has ample space for a few cigarettes or a joint. When you do up this Tightvac, the storage container is airtight which means the contents stay fresh for longer and no moisture can get in. Also ideal for strong-smelling items or herbs because the Partypac does not emit any smell.


  • Plastic Tightvac storage container
  • Easily fits in your pocket
  • Ideal for storing cigarettes or joints
  • Airtight container
  • Smell-proof
  • Moisture-free

About Tightpac

This American company has the biggest selection of airtight containers in the world. It was founded in 1944 by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health. Two unique patented vacuum systems have enabled Tightpac to conquer the market and it supplies products such as the Tightvac all over the world. The airtight containers are available in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for all kinds of purposes. From food products to electronics.

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Partypac Storage Container (Tightpac) 0.06 Liters

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