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No more kinked, split or damp spliffs with this slim-size (100 mm) joint tube. The material is made from bioplastic so you get maximum environmental friendliness and maximum protection for your precious weed. Choose your favourite colour tube and just order it! Would you like to order more then 500 pieces? Mail us.

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The last thing you want is a kinked, split or soaking spliff when you take a pre-rolled joint out and about with you. All that’s in the past with this bioplastic joint tube! Strong, hygienic, weather-resistant and environmentally friendly! Choose whichever colour suits you and add it to your shopping trolley.

  • Joint sleeves for pre-rolled joints
  • Sealed air-tight
  • Size: 100 mm | For slim-size joints and cones 
  • Choose from 3 colors
  • Bring your joint anywhere you go
  • Also suitable for half-smoked joints
  • Extinguishes the fire when you put a burning joint in the tube and close it.
  • Made of environmentally friendly bioplastic

Bioplastic Joint Tube

Bioplastic is a collective name for new types of material that have the properties of hard plastics but are made primarily from renewable raw materials. PLA (plastic made from corn) and recycled PEF soft drinks bottles are a couple of examples. The aim is to offer an alternative raw material to oil but be aware that bioplastic is still plastic. So keep using your joint tube and look after it carefully. What if you do want to throw it away eventually? In that case it goes in with the general waste.

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Joint Tube Bioplastic

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