Ascent portable vaporizer (Da Vinci)

Ascent portable vaporizer (Da Vinci)

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Ascent is a standard for portable vaporizers. It is a portable vaporizer and has an air duct entirely made of glass. As a result, the vapors produced with the Ascent are very pure and full of flavor. This product comes with Ascent Vaporizer, two glass mouthpieces, two glass tubes / smoke duct, two glass oil cans with lid, a 110-240 V EU charger and a suede storage bag. Order it now and experience the convenience of this product.
Da Vinci

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The producer of the well-known Da Vinci portable vaporizer succeeded to come with a surpassing successor. The Ascent is the new standard for portable vaporizers. What's unique about this portable vaporizer is that the air channel is completely made from glass. This way, the vapors from the Ascent are very pure and full of taste.

The Ascent Da Vinci Vaporizer is available in Black Stealth color and comes with:

  • Ascent Vaporizer
  • 2 glass nozzles
  • 2 glass tubes / smoking channel
  • 2 glass oil cruets with tap
  • 110-240 V EU charger
  • suede pouch

Glass air channel gives a pure taste
Because the whole air channel is made of glass, the portable Ascent provides an optimal taste experience as we know from a desk vaporizer. When the Ascent is not being used, the glass nozzle can be folded in. The Ascent has an ample filling chamber for herbs, accessible through a sliding system on the bottom. For very finely ground herbs one can use a screen to keep the herbs in the filling chamber.

Vaporizing liquids, dabbing, wax and aroma therapy is also possible with the provided oil cruets. Cleaning of the glass parts is easy because the nozzle can be detached from the smoking channel. The internal motion sensor and the personal customizable temperature program are other, well-thought through and handy features of the Ascent. 

Quickly warming up, quickly ready for use.
The Ascent heats up super quickly, in less than 1 minute. The temperature program is extensive and can be personalized according to your own preferences. The temperature range lies between 0 and 221 °C. The clear OLED display indicates the currently set and actual temperature.

Automatic turn-off feature
A programmable, built-in sensor automatically turns off the Ascent when it's not being used. The built-in lithium-ion battery is very powerful and has a high capacity. A fully charged battery is good for 2 hours non-stop vaporizing. When charging you can still use the Ascent normally.

Da Vinci Vaporizers
Da Vinci is an American company, located in Las Vegas and known from the portable Da Vinci vaporizer. With the new Ascent, Da Vinci renews the standard on the market of portable vaporizers.

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