Leave your cigarette or joint and order our favorite vaporizer at Dutch-Headshop. The vaporizer is a healthy replacement for smoking. The evaporating of cannabis, tobacco or other dry herbs is less harmful then the burning of it. Dutch-Headshop offers a wide range of desktop vaporizers for at home and portable vaporizers for on the road. Discover the qualities of a vaporizer and you will never want something else!

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What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a luxury device that is suitable for evaporating dry herbs. The vaporizer is usually used for the evaporating of cannabis or tobacco. It is a perfect alternative for the smoking of a joint or cigarette. Evaporating is of course healthier then burning. The herbs in a vaporizer are usually heated to a temperature of 180°C - 220°C. The temperature you can always set to your own needs.

Vaporizer Types

There are two different types of vaporizer distinguished: desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers. Dutch-Headshop has an extensive range of both types of vaporizers. Both types have the same function, but of course, have their own qualities and advantages. Read more about the desktop vaporizer and the portable vaporizer below.

Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are particularly suitable for use at home. They usually are large and heavy devices that are not handy to take along with you. They need to be connected to electricity so that they have a stable and strong current. This greatly benefits the quality of the vapor.

The strong and tasteful vapor is however not the only good property. Desktop vaporizers come with a digital display, with which you can, for instance, set the temperature settings. In addition, desktop vaporizers are particularly suitable for long evaporating sessions. Ideal for a sociable evening with friends. The material of desktop vaporizers is of high quality, which also ensures a high-quality vapor and safe usage.

Portable Vaporizer

The most common type of vaporizer in the assortment of Dutch-Headshop is the portable vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are specially designed to take with you. They are small, compact and very user friendly. Such a vaporizer comes with a battery or batteries, so you can enjoy a tasteful vapor of your favorite cannabis or herbs anywhere.

Even portable vaporizers usually have a digital display, with which you can set your temperature. It will not take long for a portable vaporizer to reach the right temperature. After turning on the vaporizer, it usually reaches the right temperature within (half) a minute. The portable vaporizers have a beautiful design and are safe to use.

Healthy Evaporating

Research in the past has shown that evaporating is healthier then smoking. When this became widely known, the popularity of the vaporizer increased a lot. A vaporizer might be a big investment, but you also invest in your lungs. When evaporating herbs, less harmful substances are released than when they are burned. The vaporizer is a healthier alternative.


In our vape-shop we have many appealing vaporizers. Of course, there are vaporizers that stand out. Some brands are known for their high-quality vaporizers. You will find the most important brands below:

Which vaporizer peaks your interest? Experience the advantages of evaporating by the ordering of a luxury vaporizer!


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